Breast Revision for “Double Bubble”

Breast Revision for “Double Bubble”

This patient underwent a Breast Augmentation with a unilateral Lift (on the right breast) procedure to address the asymmetry, shape and size of her breasts. She subsequently developed a double bubble on the non-lift breast (left side).  A “double bubble,” also known as “bottoming out,” occurs when an implant drops too low, behind the breast’s natural fold. Dr. Michael Cohen performed a capsulorrhaphy by tightening the fold and raising the implant into its proper position at the center of the breast.

Breast Revision before and after Breast Revision before and after

Photos taken 2 weeks post surgery

Why choose Belcara Health?

Breast correction surgery requires extensive training and experience, an artistic eye, the ability to problem-solve and a dedication to keeping informed about new and innovative techniques and technologies – all key attributes of our board certified surgeons.

Dr. Michael Cohen is a Breast Revision Specialist, and one of the most acclaimed breast surgeons in the country, renowned for providing patients with the outstanding results.  With over 25 years of experience, keen eye and exceptional skill, Dr. Cohen can help you achieve the beautiful breasts  you desire.

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