Facial Contouring for Men

As men age, the tissues of the face and neck lose elasticity and weaken. The volume of male features will shift forward and down, creating a sagging, aged appearance.  The results of these multi-layered and multi-vectored shifts are sagging jowls and laxity of the face and neck.

We see these progressive changes in other men and often accept them as inevitable. However, it is not necessary to yield to the captive effects of time and gravity, for there are techniques and interventions that can alter this progression. For younger men, a healthy diet, regular exercise and a variety of non-surgical procedures are available to help reduce the signs of aging. For older men, a combination of surgical and non-surgical procedures can provide greater longevity for a younger appearance and renewed lifestyle.

The effects of these natural progressions of time and gravity on the face are different for every individual.  To properly address these effects for your features and create a younger-looking and more balanced appearance, we need to assess how your face works together as a whole.

Facial Enhancement

Facial Enhancement involves a wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures aimed at restoring a more vital, younger-looking appearance. The time to consider facial enhancement interventions has little to do with your chronological age, but rather when your concerns about your appearance start to bother you. If you think you look older than you feel, and the signs of aging on your face are affecting your life, a facial enhancement procedure may help regain your confidence.

We understand that most men want to look like themselves, only improved and more vital. By using a comprehensive and customized approach to facial enhancement, we are able to provide men with the refreshed, natural-looking changes they desire, without showing the signs of surgery or intervention.

 A Comprehensive, Multi-Vector Approach

At Belcara Health, we evaluate all aspects of your appearance, from brow to neck, and recommend a customized treatment plan that counterbalances the downward shifts of skin and volume that meets your unique needs. By addressing all your features together as a whole, and not as isolated entities, we will be able to restore complete facial harmony and provide you with a natural, younger-looking, more vital appearance

The Multi-Vector Lift approach to male facial contouring re-establishes the natural curves and lines of the cheeks, face, jawline, and neck without disruption or irregularities. It entails a re-positioning of existing tissues to restore volume for the subtle curves and lines that create a natural-looking, youthful appearance.

To achieve an optimal outcome, it is important for your expectations to align with your treatment plan, which is why we educate you about all treatment options and work with you to create a customize a plan that best meets your needs and goals.

Benefits to the Multi-Vector Lift

The benefits of Facial Enhancements and the Multi-Vector Lift at Belcara Health include:

  • Provides facial transformations that are more comprehensive, natural and younger-looking.
  • Safe, proven and usually performed in just a few hours.
  • Provides for a faster recovery with less discomfort. Discomfort and recovery are usually limited to just a few days.

The details of your personal treatment plan will depend upon your concerns, your anatomy, and your goals.  In addition to surgical solutions, we may recommend complimentary non-surgical procedures, such as fillers, botox, peels, lasers, and/or skin care products to help you maintain your results.

Recovery & Aftercare:

  • Patients may experience some degree of bruising and swelling
  • Bed rest the day of surgery is recommended
  • Limit activity for the first week following surgery
  • Avoid strenuous activities for about one to two weeks
  • Return to work within 10 to 14 days

Additional Procedures:

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Our Practioners who Specialize in Facelifts

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Financing & Payment Options

Obtaining the funds for elective procedures and products can sometimes be difficult, especially in these challenging economic times. At Belcara Health, we have a dedicated financing department, designed to help you get the financing you need, for the procedures you want.

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