Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatments in Baltimore: Women’s Intimate Wellness

At Belcara Health, we believe in helping patients feel confident in their bodies and their appearance. Vaginal rejuvenation can be a life-changing and virtually painless, non-surgical procedure for women who care about their overall intimate wellness. We offer several non-surgical treatments to enhance performance, boost confidence, and improve our patients’ intimate health.

What is vaginal (feminine) rejuvenation treatment?

Vaginal rejuvenation, or feminine rejuvenation, refers to nonsurgical procedures designed to revitalize vaginal appearance and performance. These procedures can include treatment to restore soft tissue that has changed in function and appearance due to aging or life events like childbirth. Popular cosmetic treatments can provide an overall boost to sexual health, well-being, and confidence.

Who are vaginal rejuvenation treatments for?

Vaginal rejuvenation treatments are for any woman who wishes to enhance the appearance or function of their vagina. The aging process can affect vaginal anatomy; many women seek treatment as they get older. However, these procedures can have a profound effect on sexual and genital health for adult women of all ages.

What are the benefits of a vaginal rejuvenation procedure?

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures offer a broad array of benefits for your intimate health. The vagina often undergoes physical alterations related to child birth, weight loss, or other trauma.  Cosmetic improvements can offer enhanced confidence, in addition to improved vaginal performance. These improvements can include targeting lax muscles and excessive skin surrounding the labial areas.

“This treatment is excellent. I had two natural deliveries which caused a looseness and incontinence (when sneezing, coughing, jumping, etc.). I noticed an improvement in my ability to retain urine after the first treatment and it improved even more after the second treatment. And, after my second treatment, I started to notice an improvement in sensation during sexual relations. I have told all my girlfriends and the women in my family about this treatment. It was really easy and not at all painful. It’s a really great treatment.”

What is the vaginal rejuvenation process? How does it work?

So, how does vaginal rejuvenation work? Nonsurgical treatments utilize minimally-invasive equipment and procedures to prompt the body’s natural healing response, resulting in rejuvenated tissue. Depending on the procedure, the vagina may be treated with medical laser technology or by injection. This results in the tissues surrounding the vaginal canal and vulva being treated to improve appearance, performance, and texture. Typically, the procedure is relatively painless and patients are able to return back to regular activities. Sexual intercourse is discouraged during the first week after treatment.

Types of non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments

We offer two non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation options at Belcara Health: Core Intima and The O-Shot. 

1. Core Intima

CORE Intima uses medical laser technology to stimulate the body’s natural healing response, increasing collagen production in vaginal tissue. This process can improve tone, texture, and appearance in the soft tissue of the vaginal canal and the external vulva, as well as stimulating moisture in the vaginal canal, reducing dryness and discomfort.

Watch actual patients describe how Core Intima changed their lives:

2. The O-Shot

The O-Shot procedure can revitalize the vaginal area by injecting a patient’s own blood platelets directly into the vaginal tissue. This prompts the body to activate stem cells in the vagina and clitoris. In the procedure, our highly-trained medical experts draw the patient’s blood and separate out the platelets using a centrifuge. Then, a specially-designed, very thin needle is used to inject the platelets into the genital area. The procedure is typically quick, with little to no discomfort.

Why choose Belcara Health for feminine rejuvenation and vaginal corrective treatments?

If you are ready to improve your appearance, the women’s sexual wellness center you select is a very important decision. To be confident with your results, you must have confidence in your medical team.

Exceptional patient care is the core of our philosophy at Belcara Health. Our goal is for you to feel as if you just received the best care possible and absolutely love your results. Located in a welcoming, sophisticated, luxurious facility, our 5-star services and staff provide an unparalleled experience. At each stage, we make every effort to surpass all your expectations. We are constantly upgrading our knowledge, technology, and services – and it shows. Our strong reputation and the trust of the community validates this commitment.

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