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What is Fat Grafting and How Can it Restore Volume to My Face?

Fat grafting is a cosmetic facial rejuvenation procedure used to increase volume to the face and cheeks, lifting up the deflated and sagging skin that can occur on your face as you age. Fat grafting is also used to fill in hollowness around the eyes, straighten the jawline and can even help to improve the …

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Recipe for Younger Looking Skin? Mixing Peels & Injectables!

For more youthful, radiant skin in a hurry, nothing beats non-surgical treatments. With very little downtime and full results within days, injectables and chemical peels, can help you take years off your appearance with results that last for months. But did you know pairing peels with injectables can get you even better results? That's because …

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Restore your Youthful Face: Treat Early Signs of Aging Now!

Patients in their 40s and 50s often share the same complaints with us—they’re unhappy with the tired look of their eyes, or they dislike the jowls that are developing on their lower faces. This is no surprise, because these areas often demonstrate the first signs of aging. These same patients are delighted to discover that …

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Breast Augmentation: A Complete Makeover With One Procedure?

Is it a stretch to call breast augmentation a one-procedure makeover? Well, that depends on how you look at it! We believe breast augmentation's popularity is rooted in its appeal as a "transformational procedure." Pro: Breast Augmentation affects so many other areas of a woman's appearance and well being that it is, indeed, a one-procedure …

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Financing Your Cosmetic Procedure – We can help!

Cosmetic surgery is a long term investment in yourself and your future. At Belcara Health we understand that obtaining the funds for cosmetic enhancement can sometimes be difficult. We’re proud to provide our patients with a variety of payment options and dedicated staff to help work out a program that is tailored to your specific …

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