Be Ready for Summer With Breast Augmentation

Though Summer is still a few months away, many women are contemplating breast enhancement surgery now, so they’ll be ready to look their best in their summer sundresses.

“Spring is a perfect time for breast augmentation,” comments Dr. Michael Cohen. “Patients’ hectic holiday schedules are behind them, and the lousy weather makes it easier to stay indoors and rest up for a full recovery. Plus, having surgery now means that you’ll be able to show off your results just in time for the warmer weather.”

What to expect if you visit today:

During your consultation with one our board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Michael Cohen or Dr. Gary Vela, will discuss the procedure with you, learn about your expectations, and educate you about all your options including implant type, size, placement, and incision site. All aspects of your procedure, including risks and recovery considerations, will be carefully reviewed.

Pre-operative Visit – During your “pre-op” visit, you will meet with one of our Pre-Op Coordinators. Together you will review your pre-op packet which includes details on what to expect before, during and after surgery. Then a Registered Nurse will capture your medical history and vital signs. If you are over 40, you will be required to have a mammogram before your surgery.

Surgery – The day of your surgery you will arrive at either our onsite surgical facility, the Clarkview Surgery Center, or your designated hospital. Breast Augmentation surgery generally lasts 1 hour. Recovery is different for every patient, but patients usually remain in the recovery room for approximately 1 hour. Once discharged, we recommend you go home and rest, sitting upright, for the remainder of the day.

Recovery – Most patients return to work within a week. We recommend that patients wear a support bra for at least 3 – 6 weeks for optimal results. Your breast implants will “drop” or settle into their proper position in approximately 6-12 weeks – just in time for Summer!

By June, you will be ready to wear your favorite summer clothing: bathing suits, halter tops, dresses – even new styles you’ve never worn before!

The board-certified plastic surgeons at Belcara Health perform today’s most sophisticated cosmetic procedures to create extraordinary results for very happy patients. This team of surgeons, all with top-tier credentials, get to know each and every patient – a fundamental element of the practice’s philosophy towards patient care. Along with a highly qualified and compassionate staff, our surgeons help patients achieve their goals with the highest level of skill and compassion available in the Baltimore area.

Call today to schedule your complimentary consultation: 410.296.0414

Our Practitioners Who Specialize in Breast Enhancement Procedures

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Dr. Michael D. Cohen

Medical Director, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon & Breast Specialist

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Dr. Gary A. Vela

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon & Body Contouring Specialist

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