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If you wish you had larger, more shapely breasts, our breast augmentation center in Baltimore, MD, is a safe and trusted place to get the curves you desire. Front and center, your breasts are hard to ignore, and if you’re like many other women, your vision of your ideal size and shape may be different from your reality. Each year, hundreds of thousands of women undergo breast augmentation procedures in the United States alone, and patients have been coming to our award-winning breast surgeons for over 25 years.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery is a procedure to increase breast size or improve breast shape. At Belcara Health, we believe in creating natural, beautiful results that balance the proportions of your body and significantly improve how you look and feel about your overall appearance. Our approach to breast augmentation surgery thoughtfully integrates your physical, emotional and lifestyle needs as we help you make informed decisions about your body. We listen carefully to your concerns, educate you on all your options, answer all your questions, and then work with you to create a customized treatment plan that will meet your goals.

What are the Benefits of Breast Augmentation?

Each woman has her own reasons for pursuing breast augmentation surgery. We commonly hear many patients express  that a breast augmentation:

  • May improve personal confidence and image issues
  • Can reverse effects of pregnancy, nursing, or weight changes
  • Can better proportion the body
  • Correct breast asymmetry
“I had a breast augmentation with Dr. Cohen and ever since my surgery, my life has changed dramatically! Friends and family always thought I should be comfortable with my body due to the youth of it, but I was far from it. I always had to shop around my boobs, and buying only shirts that made me look fuller than I was. Since my surgery, I am probably the most comfortable person. I finally feel confident, and I’m not a girl who ever felt good about her body. Words can’t even express how happy I am now! Dr. Cohen and the staff were so thoughtful and understanding and helped make my process and decision making as simple as possible. You guys made me realize I’m not the only person who has felt this way about their body, and I thank you for that. I have recommended everyone to you, and have actually had friends get surgeries done with you guys. Thank you again!”

What Breast Augmentation Options are Available?

Today, there are several breast augmentation options including, but not limited to, saline or silicone gel breast implants, round or anatomically shaped implants, breast augmentations with lift, fat transfer augmentations, and more.

Breast Implants

If you’re considering breast implants and visit our Baltimore surgical practice, you are provided with a thorough education about your breast augmentation options. Your surgeon will listen carefully to your goals, assess your anatomy, and help you make informed choices about breast implant options including size, filling, projection, texture, and shape.

Our patients say that “trying on” implants is the best part of the consultation! You’ll get to stand in front of a mirror trying on various sized implants to see how each one looks on your body. During your breast implant sizing, you have the chance to preview your new appearance with VECTRA® 3D Imaging.

What is VECTRA 3D Imaging?

VECTRA 3D Imaging is a state-of-the-art photo imaging technology that can provide patients with a personalized 3D image of the results they can expect from their chosen breast augmentation procedure. Belcara Health is one of just a few offices to offer VECTRA 3D Imaging to help you choose your breast implant options.

Patients Tell Their Stories

What is the difference between fat transfer breast augmentation and breast implants?

With a fat transfer breast augmentation procedure, fat is removed from one part of the body and carefully placed into the breasts to create the desired appearance. The fat is obtained by traditional liposuction, usually from the abdomen, thighs, flanks or back. After the fat is purified, it is injected into the breasts to create a beautifully enhanced look. Fat transfer is also effective for reconstruction of the breast after a mastectomy or lumpectomy and for correcting genetic conditions such as tuberous (underdeveloped) or asymmetrical breasts.

What is the difference between breast augmentation surgery and a breast lift?

A breast augmentation surgery may involve implants or fat transfer to increase the fullness of breasts,  while a breast lift procedure simply involves removing and lifting breast tissue to improve the placement and shape of breasts without adding any fullness. In some scenarios, patients may choose to undergo a breast augmentation with lift, which can improve the fullness, shape, and position of your breasts in a single procedure. 

Can breast augmentation correct asymmetry?

While many women have some size differences between the left and right breasts (the left breast is typically a little bigger), significant asymmetry can make it difficult to find bras & clothing that fit. Our surgeons correct breast asymmetry with customized breast implants or with a fat transfer procedure. By placing a larger implant or additional fat tissue on one side, your breasts will look naturally symmetrical, clothes will fit well, and you will feel more comfortable with your body.

Our goal at Belcara Health is to present and educate you on the best breast augmentation and implant options for your body and goals. 

What is the Typical Breast Augmentation Recovery Period?

Recovery from breast augmentation procedures varies depending on the age of the patient, the type of augmentation performed, and the overall health of the patient. In most cases, patients can expect a recovery period of 4 to 6 weeks. Older patients and those who undergo more intensive procedures can expect a longer recovery period. Our experts at Belcara will ensure you have all the tools and information to make a full recovery as soon as possible for your body, lifestyle, and anatomy.

How Much does Breast Augmentation Cost?

At our Baltimore breast surgery center, we understand that having a general range of pricing for breast augmentation options can be helpful. We are happy to provide estimated price ranges. Our typical pricing for breast augmentation with implants is between $6,000 – $7,500. 

However, the best way to learn about pricing for your specific breast augmentation procedure is to consult directly with one of our board-certified breast surgeons. During your consultation, you and your surgeon will review all your treatment options and develop a personalized plan that meets all your needs. Only then are we able to provide an accurate price quote.

Your quote will include:

  • All visits before and after the procedure,
  • Operating Room time and supplies,
  • Surgeon’s fee,
  • Anesthesia fees,
  • All medical devices, implants, and support materials.

Financing & Payment Options

Obtaining the funds for elective procedures and products can sometimes be difficult, especially in these challenging economic times. At Belcara Health, we have a dedicated financing department, designed to help you get the financing you need, for the procedures you want.

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Why Choose Belcara Health for Your Breast Augmentation Surgery?

If you are ready to improve your appearance, the practice and surgeon you select are your most important decisions. To be confident with your results, you must have confidence in your medical team.

“After breastfeeding three children, my chest seemed to be a lost cause. After months of research, I decided to go to Dr. Cohen to have a breast augmentation. My consultations and surgery were so perfect. Dr. Cohen and his staff made me feel so comfortable with every aspect of the procedure. I have never been happier. It is amazing how I have changed inside and out. When I look in the mirror, I am content with my appearance for the first time in a long time. The surgery changed everything in my life from my self-confidence to my marriage, from the way I approach every-day situations to the way I carry myself. A simple Thank You could never be enough!”

With credentials from such esteemed institutions as Stanford University Medical Center and Johns Hopkins Medical Institute, our award-winning, board-certified breast surgeons are renowned for creating natural-looking, proportionate, beautiful results. Dr. Michael Cohen and Dr. Gary Vela will listen carefully to your goals, answer all your questions and help you make informed choices. We believe in educating our patients about their breast augmentation options because you know your body best and you should be a partner in the entire surgery experience.

Exceptional patient care is the core of our philosophy at Belcara Health. Our goal is for you to feel as if you just received the best care possible and absolutely love your results. Located in a welcoming, sophisticated, luxurious facility, our 5-star services and staff provide an unparalleled experience. At each stage, we make every effort to surpass all your expectations. We are constantly upgrading our knowledge, technology, and services – and it shows. Our strong reputation and the trust of the community validates this commitment.

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