Reset to Resilience: Wellness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Program in Baltimore, MD

The road to wellness requires time, strength, and most of all, true resilience. It’s important to note that throughout your wellness journey, cultivating resilience requires a skill set that you can work on and grow over time. Enter Reset to Resilience, a fusion program that combines all the life-changing benefits of our BH Reset and BH Foundations into one powerhouse program that’s designed to help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

With the guidance and support of our functional medicine and dietetics team, this 5 month program will inform, educate, and prepare you for a life of health and vitality.

During Reset to Resilience, our team will work with you to…

  • Re-establish your body’s ability to function optimally and reduce inflammation using a food-first approach
  • Educate you on the foundational principles of functional medicine
  • Provide the critical tools required to achieve your health goals
  • Work with you to incorporate these principles into your lifestyle
  • Teach you why these principles are essential to your overall well being
  • Maintain accountability through wellness coaching sessions, nutrition counseling and check-in sessions with our health practitioner

If you’re like millions of people struggling with weight issues, hormonal issues, sleep issues, brain fog, gut issues, or, you’re just looking to understand how to best eat and live for your body to function optimally, this is the program designed to provide the most lasting impact on your overall wellness.


 Reset to Resilience FAQ

1. What is included in the Program?

  • In depth lab work review
  • BH Reset protocol to help detoxify organs and establish a healthy baseline
  • InBody770 Body Composition analyses and reviews
  • Comprehensive, customized consultation with our Registered Dietitian
  • Access to our BH Wellness App throughout the course of the program
  • Educational Classes conducted either in person or via zoom
  • Required supplements necessary to achieve optimal results
  • A customized nutrition plan
  • Consistent support throughout the five months, including meal planning assistance

2. Will my program be customized?

Yes. While the basics of reducing chronic inflammation remain the same, each person will require different modifications based on a variety of factors including: the body composition analysis, results of diagnostic testing, a medical history review, and the personal goals of the individual. This is why we have a team of experts who understand how to utilize the information gained through both objective and subjective data to construct an optimal plan for

3. What kind of “education” will I be receiving?

During the Reset to Resilience program, you will take part in either in-person and virtual classes covering a variety of topics curated to help you understand the how and why behind your recommended nutrition and lifestyle changes. These classes range in topics from practical how-to’s, like how to make a great smoothie, to important overarching concepts, like inflammation. We’re not prescribing band aids at Belcara Health; we’re setting you up for a lifetime of health and vitality; you play an active role in maintaining that lifestyle for years to come.

4. Are you giving me a meal plan to follow?

We will provide you with a recommended meal plan created by our Registered Dietitian. She will walk you through the plan and can make adjustments based on your personal recommendations and preferences. During the program, we will also teach you how to create your own meal plan to suit your body needs, lifestyle, time restraints, family, etc. Remember, we are building the foundation of a healthy lifestyle by teaching you the skills necessary to make it solid and long-lasting. Meal planning is an essential skill you will want in your arsenal for years to come.

5. Why lab work?

As part of our journey to overall wellbeing, we need to understand, empirically, what is going on inside your body. Bloodwork can supply us with information that can’t be derived solely from symptom analysis or body composition analysis. Vitamin deficiencies, enzyme levels, and cellular health can all be analyzed through bloodwork. As we keep pushing toward your health and wellness goals, consistent review of bloodwork will help us identify trends, accomplishments, and areas of improvement; this data will also help us customize the program and our supplement recommendations required to meet your health and wellness goals.

6. Is this a weight loss program?

While many of our patients report consistent weight loss and we can customize if weight loss is one of your goals, it is important to note that Reset to Resilience is NOT a weight loss program. The intent of this program is to build off of the BH Reset protocol by addressing inflammation indicators through proper nutrition and lifestyle changes. We provide you with the education, tools, and resources to set you up for continued success. If you are looking for a weight loss program, especially a “rapid weight loss” program, please reference our BH Fit program.

7. What kind of support will I receive?

We believe in fully supporting each and every patient, recognizing that individualized support necessary to achieve long-lasting goals. You will have access to our Director of Wellness, Registered Dietitian, Certified Wellness Coach and Patient Care team who will help guide you in achieving your health and wellness goals. Additionally, you will have access to our Belcara Health app, giving you easy accessibility to your plan, your food log, and other supportive elements.

8. What is an “InBody” body composition analysis?

In order to fully understand what’s happening in the body, we must use empirical data, such as blood work, diagnostic testing, and our body composition analysis. The body composition analysis is a tool we use to quickly measure fat mass, muscle mass, and body water levels. The machine only requires you to step on a scale-like device for less than a minute. This will describe your weight accurately and give us a better idea of your overall health. As we monitor changes, we can track progress and identify areas of improvement.

9. How do I know what supplements to take and why are some required and others aren’t?

There are certain supplements we require all patients to take when enrolling in our Reset to Resilience program because they are known fighters of chronic inflammation and promoters of proper gut health. These supplements are an essential part of rebuilding your overall health. Additionally, you may receive provider recommendations for other supplements to address deficiencies, symptoms, and/or underlying issues uncovered through diagnostic testing. Our provider carefully reviews your medical history, testing, and the information you’ve provided in order to determine what supplements will help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

10. Is the BH Reset included in this program?

Yes. The Reset to Resilience program will begin with our BH Reset protocol, as it plays an important role in deloading and removing toxins from your body. The BH Reset protocol helps your detoxification organs, like the liver, kidneys, glands, and bowels, function properly and do their job more effectively. It actively fights chronic inflammation, which is often the root cause of many of the negative symptoms you may be experiencing. During your initial consultation, the will discuss the recommended program path in great detail.

11. What does a “food first” approach mean?

We know that often times, the catalyst of many of our symptoms, chronic inflammation, and issues is our diet and nutrition. Instead of simply prescribing “band aids” to address these issues, we want to get to the root cause, embedded in a patient’s diet. What some people tolerate well, other people don’t tolerate at all. What may cause inflammation in one person, may not in another. Each person is unique and it’s important to adjust your diet in order to help your body thrive. Our Registered Dietitian, a licensed professional who, in the state of Maryland, is the only individual lawfully allowed to design nutrition plans, will take the lead in helping to design a nutrition plan based off of diagnostic testing, medical history, your body composition analysis, and the information you provide in your consultation.

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