Laser Treatments for the Body

Maintaining your beautiful, contoured figure requires a proper skin care regimen for your body. We offer the latest in advanced skin care treatments and finest medical-grade products to protect your skin and improve its pigmentation, tone, and texture. Our team of highly experienced and skilled skin care specialists here in Baltimore will work with you to design a customized treatment plan that can help you achieve vibrant, healthy, great-looking skin.

Laser Vein Treatments

If you have unsightly veins on your legs, you know how uncomfortable it can be to wear shorts, skirts or swimsuits. Our vascular therapy treatments can quickly and effectively remove those unsightly small clusters of spidery blue, red and purple veins. Typically seen on the thighs, calves, and ankles, these tiny imperfections can have a big impact on how you look and feel about your overall appearance. Our vascular therapy system treats this condition by delivering pulses of light energy that get rid of the unwanted veins. Your legs will once again look clear and healthy.

Laser Hair Removal

For many people, unwanted hair can be a challenge. Getting rid of it can be painful and messy. We offer advanced medical laser technology that provides a fantastic solution. Our laser hair removal treatments work for every skin tone and almost every hair type. During treatment, our licensed practitioners pass a chilled, wand-like mechanism over the areas to be treated. The laser sends a controlled beam of energy which damages the hair follicle and inhibits its ability to re-grow. Less hair grows back with each treatment. It is typically necessary to have 4 more treatments to achieve desired results. This is because hair grows in 3 cycles: active, dormant and shedding/falling out stage, and laser hair removal is only effective during the active stage.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Fortunately, sometimes we can undo the damage and consequences of regrettable decisions. Your tattoos no longer need be a constant reminder of your past. Our advanced laser technology can remove your unwanted tattoo with fewer treatments and better results than most other solutions. Our system sends photo-acoustic energy into the skin, shattering the ink particles, which are then naturally cleared through your skin’s normal processes. This laser delivers energy in a very precise beam, allowing us to trace the design closely, with no damage the surrounding skin. It does take much longer to remove a tattoo than to get one—about 6 to 15 sessions, depending on the number of colors, the size of the design, and the type of ink. During your consultation, your tattoo will be examined to determine a price and estimated number of treatments required to achieve your desired results.

Laser treatments are deemed a cosmetic procedure and are therefore not covered by insurance. We offer financing for laser procedures, more information on your financing options can be requested during your consultation.

Are you ready to look amazing from head to toe? We’re ready to help. Request your consultation online or call us at (410) 296-0414 to book your appointment today.

Financing & Payment Options

Obtaining the funds for elective procedures and products can sometimes be difficult, especially in these challenging economic times. At Belcara Health, we have a dedicated financing department, designed to help you get the financing you need, for the procedures you want.

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