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Millions of Americans walk around every day with fatigue, extra pounds, brain fog, digestive issues, achiness and headaches without any apparent cause. Others are battling chronic conditions like acne, autoimmune diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, and much more serious conditions.  We often correlate this to getting older, outside stressors, and factors that feel out of our control. For many of these symptoms and conditions, though, there are mechanisms and tools for relief; at Belcara Health, we know the first step to solving the root cause of these issues is by resetting your system through our BH Reset program.

With our medically supported BH Reset program, each patient has the opportunity to take a food-first approach to re-establishing the body’s ability to function optimally and reduce inflammation. This program is the entry point into all other aspects of our wellness program here at Belcara Health, and your starting point of achieving optimal health and wellness.

Symptoms of Unhealthy Gut

What is BH Reset?

BH Reset ProgramBH Reset is a 21-day deloading protocol utilizing clean food, bolstered by supplements, to supply your body with the nutrients it needs, while simultaneously removing toxic ingredients, chemicals,  allergens, and substances that can initiate an inflammatory response in your body. The BH Reset protocol helps your detoxification organs, like the liver, kidneys, glands, and bowels,  function properly  and do their job more effectively. It actively fights chronic inflammation, which is often the root cause of many of the negative symptoms you experience and can lead to much more serious conditions.

We begin by establishing your current baseline through an initial consultation, diagnostic testing,  and body composition analysis. These elements are the first, vital steps of the program, as they will help us, and you, understand the state of your body. Our registered dietitian, functional medicine practitioner,  and clinical support team will not only help you launch your wellness journey, but remain with you throughout its entirety as a resource and support mechanism.

BH Reset

BH Reset FAQ

1. What is a body composition analysis?

Your “body composition” is a collective term that refers to all of the elements that comprise your body; this includes muscle, fat, water, bone mass, etc. A body composition analysis is a scientific way of monitoring changes to help understand what is going on inside your unique body.

This tool will provide us with an accurate indicator of your state of health by calculating your percent body fat, muscle mass, fat mass, basal metabolic rate, and body water. Two people may maintain the same weight, but look and feel completely different. Components of body composition influence health outcomes, and measuring these changes is a valuable metric and progress indicator for our team to track during your journey.

At Belcara Health, we use the most advanced, cutting edge InBody770 machine. This non-invasive, comprehensive tool utilizes the latest technology to provide us with a detailed breakdown of your body composition. We receive an overall body composition analysis, as well as, a segmented analysis of body mass and body water. This test typically takes less than a minute, and all you have to do is step on the “scale!”

Body Composition

2. Why is understanding your body composition important?

Understanding your body composition means understanding your state of health. Most health experts agree that an excess amount of body fat can lead to poor health outcomes and higher risk of chronic disease. These heightened risks include, but are not limited to, Type II Diabetes, Cancer, and Heart Disease. Did you know that there are also risks associated with too low body fat, including poor cardiovascular function, loss of bone density, low testosterone, low energy, and Amenorrhea. While outdated methods like BMI may provide us with a superficial baseline, they don’t really tell us what’s going on inside. Your body composition can also explain why you are experiencing some of the symptoms that are dragging you down.

In addition to body fat and muscle distribution, the InBody770 allows us greater insight into your body water distribution. Knowing this, we’re able to identify and detect unusual shifts that may occur due to a variety of health factors, including aging, injury, and obesity.

Monitoring changes objectively with the InBody770 can help explain improvements and regressions along your journey and allow us to customize your program moving forward.

3. What types of foods will I be eating during the BH Reset protocol?

Nutrition is at the forefront of our BHReset protocol, and will be at the epicenter of your wellness journey. During the 21 days, you will be consuming fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, and a lot of water. It is super important to avoid any foods that you know create an inflammatory response in your body, including any allergens or food sensitivities. Our Registered Dietitian and Clinical Wellness Team will go into greater detail regarding the nutrition protocol during your consultation,

4. Why lab work?

As part of our journey to overall wellbeing, we need to understand, empirically, what is going on inside your body. Bloodwork can supply us with information that can’t be derived solely from symptom analysis or body composition analysis. Vitamin deficiencies, enzyme levels, and cellular health can all be analyzed through bloodwork. As we keep pushing toward your health and wellness goals, consistent review of bloodwork will help us identify trends, accomplishments, and areas of improvement; this data will also help us customize the program and our supplement recommendations required to meet your health and wellness goals.


5. Who will be supporting me throughout my wellness journey?

You will be supported by our in-house Registered Dietitian and Wellness Advisor. Please note that Registered Dietitians are specially trained and licensed to provide medically sound, dietary plans. In the state of Maryland, they are the only individuals lawfully allowed to create customized meal plans and provide nutrition advice. Our Wellness Advisor will serve as your every day support person and help you understand wellness on the whole; she will serve as your advocate and coach you through total body wellness. All of our programs and protocols are designed and led by our team of board-certified, functional medicine practitioners.

6. Is this a weight loss program?

The BH Reset program is not a weight loss program, though you can lose weight if that is what your body needs to do in order to achieve a state of optimal function. The number one goal of BH Reset is to get your body operating well, so that when you enter the next phase of your journey, your body is fully prepared to push forward. You will also learn the basics of maintaining an optimal weight and using nutrition to aid in your longevity and overall well being.

7. What kind of support will I receive?

You will begin your 21 Day BH Reset program with a comprehensive consultation with our Registered Dietitian. She will review your diagnostic assessments,i ncluding your In-body analysis and bloodwork, will provide you with your protocol, and will answer any of your questions before you start your BH Reset.. You will have a second check-in with our Registered Dietitian a week into the program via phone and a third check-in with our Wellness Advisor to discuss how you’re feeling, answer questions, and prepare for next steps. Once you have completed your 21 days, we will do another In-Body770 analysis to see what physical changes have occurred during the BH Reset program and set you up for the next phase of your wellness journey.

In addition to our clinical support, you will also receive a video and written curriculum to help you further understand the importance of not only resetting your system, but cleaning up your lifestyle moving forward. Our goal is to empower you to take control of your health for life.

8. Are there supplements involved?

We do require a limited number of supplements to help with the reset process; our dietitian may also recommend other supplements based on diagnostic testing. Our wellness advisor will discuss the supplement protocol with you during your consultation. All required supplements are included in the price of the program.

9. What happens after 21 days?

At the end of 21 days, we expect to see both physical and symptomatic improvements, as your body has removed many of the barriers to properly function. We will reassess your baseline and consult with you on goals moving forward. Our clinical wellness team will provide you with a recommended strategy moving forward to address underlying concerns and help you achieve your ultimate state of wellbeing.

10. Can I do the BH Reset more than once?

Definitely. Unfortunately, regardless of how strict we are, there are still environmental and lifestyle factors that can inhibit our bodies ability to function optimally. Dependent on personal factors discussed with your wellness team, we typically recommend doing the BHReset twice a year to stay on top of your overall well-being.

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