Breast Implant Removal

There are a variety of reasons, both aesthetic and medical, why a person may choose to have her breast implants removed. This choice is personal and requires the attention and meticulousness of a highly-trained specialist. Dr. Michael Cohen, a renowned breast specialist and board-certified plastic surgeon, has over 20 years of experience with breast implant removal procedures. Throughout his fellowship,  under the direction of world-renowned specialist, Dr. Graham Wood in Newport Beach, CA., Dr. Cohen removed hundreds of both ruptured and intact breast implants. He specifically chose to develop this implant removal skill set when he started his own practice, focusing on the refinement of his techniques regarding reconstruction after breast implant removal. These techniques, such as a breast lift, help the patient feel confident and content after the surgery. 

Dr. Cohen has removed thousands of capsules utilizing an en bloc procedure and continues to remove many implants every year. His specialization in Revisional Breast Reconstruction ensures that each patient receives the highest level of attention, care, and personal satisfaction during the procedure and after leaving our facility.

What is the difference between “en bloc” procedures and a simple breast implant removal? 

When any kind of medical implant is introduced, the body creates a natural barrier of scar tissue around it as part of the normal healing process. A patient can choose to have this scar tissue removed when the implant is removed, or to have just the implant itself removed. 

A total capsulectomy, or “en bloc” resection removes both the implant and the surrounding scar tissue as one unit. The implant actually remains in the capsule (or scar tissue) throughout the entire procedure. Dr. Cohen has performed many en bloc procedures, as it has become a very popular choice among breast implant removal patients. 

A simple breast implant removal procedure, during which the surgeon only removes the implant and leaves the scar tissue, is also an option patients may choose, and may be recommended by the plastic surgeon based on an examination of the patient. There are medical reasons which may require the patient to leave the scar tissue, including the relationship of the capsule to other organs in the area. In any case, Dr. Cohen ensures that every possible precaution is taken to allow proper healing and sterilization.  

What Should I Expect After my Implants are Removed? 

Upon immediate removal of your implants, your breasts may look more relaxed, deflated and even saggy. Dr. Cohen’s specialization in breast reconstruction becomes predominantly important at this point. There are reconstructive options to restore the appearance of your breasts following your implant removal. 

A Breast Lift procedure will place them in a more youthful position and restore a prettier, more firm shape. During this procedure, Dr. Cohen will remove excess skin and reshape the remaining tissue so that your breasts sit in a desirable position on the chest wall. Your areola will be moved to a higher position and can be reduced in size if desired. Dr. Cohen uses advanced surgical techniques to reduce visible scarring, decrease recovery time, and create a more attractive breast contour. 

A Fat Transfer for breast augmentation provides a safe, effective, all-natural way to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. It involves transferring your own natural fat from one part of the body to the breasts in order to restore volume and sculpt a more attractive shape. During the procedure, fat is extracted with liposuction – usually from the abdomen, thighs or flanks – then strategically injected into the breasts to create a beautifully enhanced look. 

Some women choose a combination of Breast Lift and Fat Transfer procedures to achieve their desired look. If you are unsure about how to proceed, you can wait and decide later. Reconstruction does not need to be performed at the same time as your implant removal procedure. During your consultation, you and Dr. Cohen, will discuss your reconstructive options and create a personalized treatment plan that meets your needs and achieves your desired results. 

What should I Expect During Recovery?

Implant removal procedures can be performed under light or general anesthesia, on an outpatient basis. Most patients report very minimal discomfort and return to work in about three to five days, depending upon the extent of your procedure. During this time, you may experience some swelling, bruising, and discomfort. We recommend you wear a supportive bra to aid the healing process, avoid any activities that could strain your upper body, and sleep on your back for about four weeks. 

Where will the procedure take place?

Most of our patients elect to have their breast implant removal procedure at Belcara Health, in our on-site surgery center. This five-star facility, the Clarkview Surgical Center, was designed with the safety, comfort, privacy, and convenience of our patients in mind. It features state-of-the-art technology and meets the most rigorous safety standards. We are proud to be one of the few outpatient surgical facilities to earn AAAHC accreditation, as well as, certifications from Medicare and the state of Maryland. Because safety is our first concern, all surgical procedures are performed with board-certified anesthesiologists and registered nurses.

What does a breast removal procedure cost?

We understand that having a general range of procedure costs can be helpful, so we are happy to provide estimated price ranges for the plastic surgery procedures we perform. However, please note that these price ranges are general estimates only. The best way to learn about the cost of your procedure is to meet with Dr. Cohen. During your consultation, Dr. Cohen will listen carefully to your concerns and goals and assess your medical history, lifestyle, and anatomy. You’ll review your treatment options with Dr. Cohen and develop a personalized plan that meets all your needs. Only then are we able to provide an accurate price quote, which will include:

  • All visits before and after the procedure
  • Operating Room time and supplies
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Anesthesia fees
  • All medical devices and support materials
  • Price range for breast implant removal procedures: $3,000 – $7,000

Financing & Payment Options

Obtaining the funds for elective procedures and products can sometimes be difficult, especially in these challenging economic times. At Belcara Health, we have a dedicated financing department, designed to help you get the financing you need, for the procedures you want.

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Dr. Michael Cohen

Breast revision and reconstruction procedures are complex and should only be performed by board-certified plastic surgeons with extensive experience in breast implant removal and reconstruction. Dr. Michael Cohen is one of the most acclaimed breast revision surgeons in the country, renowned for providing patients with outstanding results. With over 25 years of experience, an artistic eye, and exceptional surgical skills, Dr. Cohen can help you achieve the appearance you desire. 

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Dr. Michael D. Cohen

Medical Director, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon & Breast Specialist

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