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A tummy tuck, also called an abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the abdominal area, restores weakened abdominal muscle and creates a more firm, smooth and attractive abdomen. Tummy tuck in our Baltimore, Maryland practice is a popular choice for patients who have lost a significant amount of weight or given birth and are bothered by leftover loose skin.

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Why consider a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck is a wonderful option for those who, after significant weight loss, pregnancy, or natural aging, experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Loose or sagging skin in the middle or lower abdomen
  • A protruding abdomen
  • Weakened or separated muscles of the abdominal wall

Typically, these conditions cannot be corrected by diet and exercise alone.

Tummy Tuck Results

Tummy tuck surgery offers patients many benefits, including the following:

  • A flatter, slimmer, and more attractive waistline
  • Tighter, stronger abdominal muscles
  • Fewer stretch marks
  • Improved overall proportions

Additionally, we’ve learned from our patients that one of the most significant results of a tummy tuck is how it can totally change a patient’s sense of confidence. A tummy tuck provides so much more than a slim, firm waistline; it actually helps patients regain their self-confidence and spirit. According to our patients, other tummy tuck benefits include the following:

  • Improved comfort in their own skin
  • Enhanced enjoyment of personal relationships
  • Improved confidence in fitted clothing and swimsuits
  • Exercise and healthy eating habits are more easily maintained
  • Participation in physical activities that may have been previously avoided

How much does a tummy tuck cost?

We understand that having a general range of prices for a given procedure can be helpful, so we are happy to provide an estimated range for your tummy tuck. However, it is important to note that price ranges are general estimates only.

The best way to learn about procedure pricing is to consult directly with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons. During your consultation, your surgeon will listen carefully to your concerns and goals and assess your medical history, lifestyle, and anatomy. Together, you and your surgeon will review all your treatment options and develop a personalized plan that meets all your needs. Only then are we able to provide an accurate price estimate.

Your quote will include the following:

  • All visits before and after the procedure
  • Operating room time and supplies
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Anesthesia fees
  • All medical support materials

Price range for a tummy tuck: $6,500 – $14,000

Financing & Payment Options

Obtaining the funds for elective procedures and products can sometimes be difficult, especially in these challenging economic times. At Belcara Health, we have a dedicated financing department, designed to help you get the financing you need, for the procedures you want.

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Where will the procedure take place?

Most tummy tuck patients elect to have their procedures performed in our on-site surgery center. Our 5-star facility, the Clarkview Surgical Center, was designed with the safety, comfort, privacy, and convenience of our patients in mind. It features state-of-the-art technology and meets the most rigorous safety standards. We are proud to be one of the few outpatient surgical facilities to earn AAAHC accreditation, as well as certifications from Medicare and the state of Maryland. Because safety is our first concern, all surgical procedures are performed with board-certified anesthesiologists and registered nurses.

About the Tummy Tuck Procedure

A tummy tuck involves a horizontal incision between the pubic hairline and belly button. Your surgeon will place the incision as low as possible, where it can be easily hidden by your underwear or bathing suit bottom. The shape and length of your incision will depend on the degree of correction necessary. There are many types of tummy tucks; depending on your surgeon’s recommendation, weakened abdominal muscles may be repaired through the incision and excess fat, tissue and skin are removed and tightened. Another incision around the navel may be required to remove excess skin from your upper abdomen.

Tummy tuck surgery generally takes two to five hours, depending on whether it is a mini or full tummy tuck. Your surgery will be performed on an outpatient basis with general anesthesia. Because safety is always our primary concern, we work with board-certified anesthesiologists to make sure that your surgery is as safe as possible. Following your procedure, you can return home for your recovery period.

Recuperation & Aftercare

  • Patients will likely experience some bruising, swelling, tenderness or numbness around the incision
  • Drains may remain in place for 1 to 2 weeks
  • Sutures will be removed in about 1 to 2 weeks
  • We recommend bed rest the day of surgery
  • You should limit activity for the next 2 to 6 days after surgery
  • Avoid strenuous activity for about 4 to 6 weeks
  • Resume work in one to three week
  • Wear an abdominal binder for a few weeks for support

Additional Procedures

Liposuction may be used in addition to abdominoplasty surgery to remove excess fat around the sides and back to enhance your results. Please discuss this option with your surgeon.

Why Belcara Health

If you are ready to improve your appearance, the practice and surgeon you select are your most important decisions. To be confident with your results, you must have confidence in your medical team.

With credentials from such esteemed institutions as Stanford University Medical Center and Johns Hopkins Medical Institute, our board-certified plastic surgeons are renowned for creating natural-looking, proportionate, beautiful results. Dr. Michael Cohen and Dr. Gary Vela will listen carefully to your goals, answer all your questions and help you make informed choices. We believe in educating our patients about their treatment options because you know your body best and you should be a partner in the entire surgery experience.

Exceptional patient care is the core of our philosophy at Belcara Health. Our goal is for you to feel as if you just received the best care possible and absolutely love your results. Located in a welcoming, sophisticated, luxurious facility, our 5-star services and staff provide an unparalleled experience. At each stage, we make every effort to surpass all your expectations. We are constantly upgrading our knowledge, technology, and services – and it shows. Our strong reputation and the trust of the community validates this commitment.

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“I love love love the results of my tummy tuck! Seeing the before pics is quite astounding. All that flesh; all that flab; all those years. I am just thrilled beyond words to be free of it. The extra sagging; drooping; bulging skin caused me to feel very self-conscious regardless of what I was wearing. Even when I felt good about the rest of my appearance, the contour and heaviness of my tummy area always distracted from any positivity. Thank you for sculpting, tucking and trimming my new figure!”

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