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Have you met Dr. Adler yet?

Joining Belcara Health team of top-tier, board certified physicians is Ophthalmologist Dr. Richard Adler. A nationally recognized leader in ophthalmology, Dr. Adler specializes in comprehensive eye care, laser vision correction and dry eye treatment. Dr. Adler is committed to using the most innovative techniques to address your eye health for a lifetime.

A Word about LASIK

Our eyes are the first thing people notice, so why let unsightly glasses hinder them from seeing the real you? Even everyday contact use can be cumbersome, time consuming and sometimes irritating. If you’re seeking an alternative, LASIK vision correction may be just the solution you’re looking for! By using an all-laser technology, Dr. Adler is able to reshape the cornea and eliminate the need for glasses and contact lenses with LASIK eye surgery. You will be able to experience the clarity and beauty of corrected vision without worrying about the consequences of an invasive procedure.

What are the symptoms of Dry Eye?

Dry Eye Disease affects millions of Americans each year. Common symptoms include eye fatigue, a gritty sensation, and intense straining of the eye. Imagine a pain free and non-invasive way to rid yourself of the irritation caused by Dry Eye. Here at Belcara Health Ophthalmology, Dr. Adler’s use of Intense Pulse Light (IPL) laser treatment does just that, in our private and comfortable on-site surgical suites.

For additional information about our ophthalmology services, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Adler, we invite you to call our office at 410-296-0414.

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