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Beauty & Skin Care Apps Round Up

From makeup and skin care tips to full on photo makeovers, beauty mobile apps are popping up all over. While some are great tools to have in your pocket, others are leaving a lot to be desired.

Curious about what’s out there? Grab your phone, hit download, and check out some of the most talked about beauty apps below:

Beauty Mirror. Ready for a “video facelift” on your iPhone? That’s exactly what the Beauty Mirror app promises to achieve, although the jury’s still out on this one. Touted as a plastic surgery mobile app, Beauty Mirror lets users slim, enhance, and edit their appearance with a brow lift, facelift, virtual nose job, or even some intense anti-aging treatments—all in real time.

Skin Deep. Have you ever wondered if your cosmetics are safe? Skin Deep has an extensive database of beauty products, right at your fingertips. Simply scan products while you’re shopping to display product reviews and ingredient information, including safety ratings based on toxicity, allergens, and carcinogens. Apps like these are fabulous for delivering automated information right to your mobile device, but the best way to get individualized results is to talk with a dermatologist.

Vensette. This app is an offshoot from a popular website that lets you schedule an in-home treatment session with a hair stylist or makeup artist. You can use their new app to play around with your hair and makeup, going from a sophisticated “Grace Kelly” look to a sexy, seductive “Angelina Jolie” style. When you’re done tweaking on your phone, you can schedule an appointment with a professional who can make your new look a reality.

Modiface Virtual Makeover. If makeup’s your passion, then this may be the app for you. Billed as an all-in-one tool for DIY makeup enthusiasts, Modiface offers a multitude of tools for editing your image. After uploading a headshot, you can very precisely apply a wide variety of makeup to your photo. Once you’re finished with your makeover, the app will include tips for where to buy the different products you applied.

Whether you’re looking to play around or want to try out a new look, your first resource may be in your pocket. Just remember that while these apps may be great for having fun with your image, the results may be unrealistic and unachievable. Digital manipulation can be a great way to spice up a photo, try on a new hairstyle, or choose which shade of lipstick you should wear, but it’s important to remember that the outcome is only pixels on your phone screen.

While apps can be fun, consulting with a professional plastic surgeon, aesthetician, or dermatologist is your best bet for complex skincare needs, meeting your cosmetic goals, and learning about your choices. The good news is we have all of these options and more at Belcara Health. Call us today at (410) 296-0414 to schedule your consultation.

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