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Freaky Facials: Fad or Fabulous?

Using strange tactics to maintain youth and beauty is nothing new. Throughout the ages, people have gone to great lengths to battle signs of aging, maintain a glowing complexion, and beautify their skin. Now freaky facials are creating quite the buzz in the media, but do they work? With Halloween approaching, we thought it was a good time to research some of these seemingly bizarre treatments in order to find out the facts and debunk the myths. Read on to learn about better alternatives, including a special facial that is especially fitting for the season!

1. The Fire Facial: Originating in China, where the treatment is called Huǒ liáo, this strange facial involves placing an alcohol soaked towel on the face or other area of the body and lighting it on fire. Spas in Asia that routinely perform Huǒ liáo insist that the treatment doesn’t burn the skin and that it is perfectly safe when performed by a trained therapist. The goal of the procedure is to heat the skin and encourage collagen production to treat signs of aging.

Our Verdict: Fad. We aren’t sold on this technique. Having open flames near your skin
hardly seems worth the risk. There are plenty of safer procedures that will produce real results.

Fabulous Alternative: Check out our Innovative Treatment, an anti-aging treatment that will smooth, soften, and hydrate your skin to combat fine lines and boost collagen production, without the risk of setting you on fire!

2. Kitty Litter Facial: Based on the idea that some kitty litter is comprised of bentonite clay and is 100% natural, some DIY fans have started using unscented, plain cat litter for a facial application. Because bentonite clay, found in volcanic ash, is highly absorbent, devotees of this beauty treatment claim that kitty litter can draw out impurities and correct oily skin.

Our Verdict: Fad. The jury is still out on the effectiveness and safety of applying kitty litter to your face, but it’s not something we’d recommend. In the process of making this “mask,” you could easily inhale bentonite particles which can be damaging to your lungs.

Fabulous Alternative: If you are looking to exfoliate, cleanse, and clarify your skin for a more youthful look, stop by for our Anti-Aging Facial Treatment, which includes a powerful combination of our diamond microdermabrasion and signature peel. It will do the trick without scooping into a bag of cat litter.

3. Bird Poop Facial: Also known as the Geisha facial, this treatment touts nightingale droppings as a vital exfoliant and face brightener. The excrement is sterilized using ultraviolet light, milled into a fine powder, and combined with Japanese rice bran. Developed in Japan, this centuries-old technique is said to cleanse, soften, and impart a pearly finish to the skin using the natural enzymes in nightingale dung.

Our Verdict: Fad. While this treatment seems to have some merit based on its list of organic ingredients and the fact that it has a long history, we’re willing to bet there may be a more effective treatment to achieve your goals.

Fabulous Alternative: If the idea of a bird poop facial is too freaky for you, we might recommend our Seasonal Pumpkin Peel, which utilizes pumpkin enzymes to deep clean and get your skin glowing—all with the relaxing aroma of warm cinnamon.

4. Snail Facial: During a snail facial, several live snails are placed on the client’s face and allowed to crawl around slowly for a period of time. The theory behind this treatment is that snail slime contains proteins, antioxidants, and hyaluronan molecules that will collect moisture from the air to achieve a dewy, youthful complexion.

Our Verdict: Fad. Aside from the fact that the treatment involves allowing a slimy garden snail to squirm across your face, there is simply not enough scientific proof that this method has any real affect on skin.

Fabulous Alternative: We recommend our Power Facial for addressing dry skin. With a focus on hydration and healing, this facial is quick, easy, and relaxing. Bonus? No snails in sight.

5. The Vampire Facial: The media has been abuzz about the vampire facial since Kim Kardashian posted a picture of herself with traces of blood on her face after receiving the treatment. The blood facial involves taking blood from the arm, placing it in a centrifuge, and separating the platelet-rich plasma from the blood platelets. The platelet-rich plasma is then combined with a common injectable, such as Juvéderm®, and injected into sites all over the face with the hope that collagen production will be stimulated.

Our Verdict: Iffy. With some scientific research behind the vampire facial, it may have a level of merit. However, it is considerably more invasive than many non-surgical facial treatments and is purportedly more painful as well.

Fabulous Alternative: If you are looking to fill facial lines and take your anti-aging regime to the next level, we would suggest taking a look at some of the wrinkle fillers we offer, no blood necessary.

With plenty of outlandish claims and misleading advertising on the market, it can be difficult to separate fad from fabulous. If you are looking for scientifically-backed and proven results or would like to learn more about the facial treatments offered in our spa, contact us today. We would be happy to help you find the right solutions for your needs.

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