Common Co2re Intima Side Effects & What to Expect

CORE Intima is an in-office, laser treatment that stimulates the body to naturally increase collagen production. This natural response revitalizes soft tissue tone, texture, and appearance in the vaginal canal and external vulva. During treatment, a single-use, sterile handpiece delivers light energy to the tissues in and around the vagina. This results in remodeling of the labia and vulvar tissue. CORE Intima side effects are considered minimal and should subside as the body heals. 

Are there any side effects to a Co2re Intima treatment?

FDA approved, a CORE Intima treatment is cleared to treat tissues in and around the vagina. Though a virtually painless procedure, there are a few CORE Intima side effects to be aware of. During the treatment, there may be some mild discomfort. All potential side effects are temporary and will subside as the body heals. 

The most common Core Intima side effects

CORE Intima is a quick, safe, and relatively painless procedure that should take no longer than 15-minutes – no medication or anesthesia is required. The most common CORE Intima side effects include:

  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Blistering
  • Burns 

All symptoms should subside in a matter of days as the body continues to heal. We always recommend contacting the team if symptoms persist. 

How can you minimize the side effects of a Core Intima treatment?

Since CORE Intima is not an invasive treatment, recovery should be quick and you can return to regular activity immediately. However, as the body heals from the procedure, it is recommended that sexual activity be avoided for about 7 days to minimize irritation to the treatment area. 

Interested in getting Core Intima?

At Belcara Health, we understand that discussing concerns related to your genital health and appearance can be uncomfortable but we are committed to making you as comfortable as possible with minimal side effects.  CORE Intima is a quick and safe procedure performed in our Baltimore, Maryland office by licensed practitioners. Working with one of our Wellness Practitioners, we can assist you with pricing, scheduling, and recovery. Exceptional patient care is at the core of our practice, let us help with your concerns and goals. 

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