Minimize Premature Facial Aging in a Weekend!

For women and men on the go…

Introducing our weekend laser skin resurfacing program.

If you’re like many of us, when we look in the mirror we notice our skin’s tell-tale signs of premature aging. Being out in the sun, raising kids, or just living life has taken its toll on our skin’s youthful appearance. Fine lines, wrinkles, skin discoloration, and uneven texture are appearing where we once had smooth, glowing skin.

We may have thought about a skin rejuvenation procedure to help recapture our once youthful appearance, but with our busy schedules, and the high cost of more invasive procedures, we may have just given up and felt like we’ll have to settle with our progressively aging skin.

Dr. Bradley C. Robertson, a leader in facial enhancement, understands these concerns and has developed a customized and less invasive laser facial enhancement program that addresses premature facial aging, enabling us to bring back our beautiful, glowing skin. This advanced resurfacing procedure, or series of procedures, can be performed on a Friday in about 30 minutes and you’re back to work on Monday.

The technique uses light energy to target superficial and deep layers of the skin using resurfacing and fractional therapy for optimal results. The combination of superficial and full facial resurfacing together with fractional laser therapy permits the healing process to reveal many of the affects of more aggressive resurfacing with less downtime. Desired results can be seen in as little as one treatment or some may prefer a series of treatments for a more aggressive approach. A personalized plan of laser treatments and a follow-up skin care regimen will be developed so you can maintain beautiful skin for years to come.

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