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Proper Nutrition for a Successful Tummy Tuck

Did you know that your eating habits before and after a tummy tuck can drastically affect your results? Creating a healthy lifestyle is key, and is at the tip of your fingertips!

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Before your surgery, optimizing your nutrition and continuing to focus on weight loss is going to greatly impact the success of your surgery and the recovery process. This is no different from your everyday nutrition recommendations, which includes eating a well-balanced diet with high fiber foods and the proper amount of protein. Keep in mind, your body is about to go through a major change, and you need to nourish and fuel your body properly leading up to the surgery to promote successful results. Also, extreme dieting and severe weight loss are not always beneficial for tummy tucks, so it is better to follow a well-balanced, realistic nutrition plan that you can continue to follow after your surgery as well.

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After the surgery and with everything you have invested this far, it is now time to continue to keep and potentially even improve your great results by maintaining a healthy diet. Proper nutrition will help reduce your recovery time, enhance results, prolong your life, and can help you feel and look your best. Eating enough protein is key in helping you heal, and keeping sugars to a minimum is also important to prevent inflammation and reduce your risk of wound infection. If you notice that you are filling up quicker than usual after the surgery, always attempt to eat your protein foods first. Antioxidants also help improve the healing process, so getting enough fruits and vegetables are also recommended. This is your time to focus on you, and getting your healthy nutrition plan back on track. Getting enough macro- and micronutrients will continue to help with weight maintenance and loss, which will continue to improve the appearance after your tummy tuck.

Top 5 Major Tummy Tuck Benefits from Eating Healthy

  1. Assure proper healing and reduce the length of the healing process.
    • Reduce risk of wound infections
  2. Reduce inflammation.
    • Eating the proper foods can reduce swelling and scar tissue after your surgery
  3. Improve overall results of the surgery.
    • Continue with weight loss or weight maintenance
    • Provide further contouring post-operatively
  4. Helps you look and feel your best.
    • Increased energy and motivation to continue to eat healthy after surgery
    • Improve your overall appearance, including skin, hair, nails, etc.
  5. Creating the “New You.”
    • This is the perfect time to define your new “norm” after the surgery and to continue with a healthy, yet simple nutrition plan that you can continue to follow.

If you are in need of some guidance with your current nutrition regimen, don’t hesitate to ask about scheduling an appointment with our Nutrition Counselors to help you with a healthy lifestyle nutrition plan that works for you!

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