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What is Body Mapping?

What is Mole Mapping and why is it so important?

 Also known as body mapping, mole mapping is one of the best ways to document the baseline appearance of moles on your skin and provides a comparison to your skin’s moles overtime. These baseline photos help your dermatologist effectively follow subtle changes in moles overtime that could be signs of melanoma in its earliest and most treatable form.  It is a critical step in the prevention of skin cancer.

At Belcara Health Dermatology, our advanced mole mapping technology includes a complete assessment of your skin. Using high-resolution medical photographs, pictures of your skin are taken from head to toe. These photographs provide fine detail for viewing comparison images at subsequent exams. Patients will also receive an album of their full body images – so they can self-access and also follow skin changes at home.

Belcara Health’s leader in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer, dermatologist Dr. Ciro Marek provides mole mapping services at here at Belcara Health Dermatology. People of all ages benefit from this service and its preventative approach to skin cancer.

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