Liposuction, Arm Lifts, and Thigh Lifts Improve Sagging

Aging and massive weight loss can have drastic effects on the elasticity of skin cells and how fat is stored and lost. Unfortunately, exercise and diet alone won’t be able to trim and tighten everything that you’d like. In many cases, cosmetic surgery is the only option to reverse the effects of time and physical stress that was put upon the body.

Body lift procedures target specific areas of the body that remain resistant to diet and exercise, refining and sculpting them to look more aesthetically pleasing.

If loose skin is your problem, a lift may be the solution. The thighs and arms particularly tend to suffer from excessive sagging skin after massive weight loss. These areas are able to expand greatly to store extra fat, resulting in the skin being stretched too far, losing its elasticity in the process. Once it reaches a certain point, it can’t bounce back, and aging further complicates this.

Thigh lifts are generally targeted towards the inner thigh, but can also improve the appearance of the outer area. During the procedure, the surgeon makes an incision near the inside of the groin and pulls the skin upwards, making it taut. Extra skin and fat are cut away and what is left is sewn into place. Recovery can take from two to three weeks.

An arm lift is performed in a similar manner to the thigh lift. The incision will either be placed on the inside or the outside of the arm, generally running from the armpit up to just before the elbow. Extra skin and fat is removed and the remaining tissue is stitched securely back into shape, leaving it smooth and tight. Recovery takes from one to two weeks, but results should be visible shortly thereafter.

The side effects of massive weight loss and aging can be physically as well as emotionally damaging. Diet and exercise will not always garner the results you desire. Cosmetic surgery can help you achieve what you can’t obtain by your own hard effort.

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