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( – The weak economy is having a trickle down effect into every facet of our lives. Plastic surgeons are seeing an increase in the number of people interested in having cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance and take off the years of hard work and stress that has become so visible. The circumstance driving the increase demand for face lifts, laser skin resurfacing, and eyelid lifts is quite simply competition. Professionals, specifically those in their 40’s and 50’s, are feeling a tremendous amount of pressure to look youthful and vibrant. For those fortunate enough to still be gainfully employed, we hear more and more often that they feel as though they are under siege by younger colleagues. When jobs are on the line and tough choices need to be made, these professionals feel that a younger appearance will allow their credentials to standout and eliminate any focus on their age. We all know friends, family members and neighbors who have lost their jobs during this recession. The competition for jobs is fierce and many professionals find themselves competing with younger applicants and even being interviewed by younger hiring managers.

Dr. Bradley Robertson, a board-certified plastic surgeon at Belcara Health, commented, “we have had several patients looking to update their appearance so that they feel more confident in searching for new employment.” One client of Dr. Robertson underwent MACS (minimal access cranial suspension) face lift surgery because she felt it was necessary for her career. The patient explains, “I work in a fast-paced progressive industry. I was feeling that my appearance was beginning to look dated and tired. The face lift surgery performed by Dr. Robertson allowed me to match the way I feel with the way I look—vibrant and young.”

Not all cosmetic surgeries performed at Belcara Health, just north of Baltimore, are for patients feeling pressured in the workplace or job market. This practice, like many others, provides a wide array of cosmetic procedures including breast augmentation and reduction, abdominoplasty, liposuction and a variety of reconstructive and enhancing procedures. Many patients seeking cosmetic surgery are doing so to repair an injury or deformity.

Advances in plastic surgery have resulted in procedures that are less invasive and require less downtime. New techniques and technologies make it possible for surgeons to make fewer and smaller incisions while providing patients with improved results. Less bleeding and discomfort dramatically lessen patients’ recovery time and allow them to more quickly return to work and other normal activities.

Almost counter-intuitively, the economic downturn is a good reason to consider plastic surgery at the present time. Belcara Health, for instance, is offering stimulus packages to some patients who can be flexible with their surgery date. Dr. Robertson adds, “in addition to the stimulus packages and discounts our practice is currently offering to our surgical patients, we also walk our patients through the vast financing options available today. We have staff that is solely dedicated to providing one-on-one financial guidance for patients. We spend a lot of time exploring all financing options available and guiding patients through the process.”

Many professionals are looking at plastic surgery as an investment in their careers and future earnings potential. The procedures available and prices vary widely nationwide. Patients should always consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss their goals and treatment options.

Dr. Bradley Robertson is a board-certified plastic surgeon with Belcara Health in Baltimore.

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