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A Field Guide to Lasers

Laser skin resurfacing is one of the fastest-growing areas of aesthetic medicine. Along with others on our skincare team, our dermatologist in Baltimore provides laser treatment options to improve skin from head to toe. And the results speak for themselves! But with so many options, it can be tough to determine which is the best choice for you. Let’s examine the most popular options so you can make an informed decision about ways to age gracefully through every stage of life.


What it does: Short for “intense pulsed light,” IPL uses directed light energy to break up areas of hyperpigmentation, especially dark spots and redness. IPL can also treat more mild signs of aging and skin damage, such as broken capillaries, scarring, and a generally dull or “tired” complexion. An IPL treatment is performed here in our office using the handheld applicator. Your provider glides the applicator across your skin as it emits bursts of light energy. IPL is typically tolerable without anesthesia. IPL also removes hair, and some patients like the fact that it reduces facial “peach fuzz” and helps their makeup go on smoother.

What it doesn’t do: IPL isn’t great for treating more severe signs of aging, such as deep lines or wrinkles.

Downtime: None. IPL is a gentle treatment that can be completed in under an hour. Skin may be tender afterward, but there is no downtime.

Laser Genesis

What it does: Laser Genesis tightens skin, improves texture, and reduces the appearance of large pores. It also reduces redness. Laser Genesis is one of the gentler options for laser resurfacing, creating visible results without necessitating downtime. This celebrity favorite can be a great addition to your normal skincare routine to bump up and enhance your results.

What it doesn’t do: Laser Genesis is not appropriate for reducing scars or treating deep wrinkles.

Downtime: None. One of the best things about Laser Genesis is that it doesn’t require recuperation.

Laser Peel

What it does: The most significant of the laser treatments, laser peel is an intensive procedure to combat the signs of aging. We use a topical anesthetic cream to keep you comfortable during your procedure. This deep treatment mimics the results of a chemical peel and can be used to tighten skin, smooth lines and wrinkles, and improve collagen development.

What it doesn’t do: Laser Peel is not a good choice for correcting discoloration.

Downtime: Avoid sun exposure and makeup for up to 4 days after treatment. This article offers helpful tips for caring for your skin after a laser treatment.

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