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Don’t “Mom Shame” the Tummy Tuck

If you’re a mom, you know that other moms don’t always keep their opinions to themselves. You might find yourself defending your decisions about everything from breastfeeding to potty training to well-meaning friends, family, and even strangers. It’s tough to stand by your convictions when almost everyone has “advice” on how you could be doing better.

It’s no different when it comes to plastic surgery. Although we’ve become much more enlightened about undergoing an aesthetic procedure (consider how BOTOX has become a household name), people may still judge your decision. Or the roles might be reversed, and you might be the one doing the judging. Let’s look at the tummy tuck, often referred to as an abdominoplasty, often referred to as an abdominoplasty, a procedure that’s especially popular with moms. This abdominal procedure removes excess skin and fat left behind by pregnancy and also repairs damaged muscles—something diet and exercise can’t do.

Promotions and Promises

Everywhere you look, someone is promoting a “miracle” cure—a drug, cream, essential oil, workout routine, and even a tea—that can bring back your “pre-baby body.” But pregnancy changes the body in deep, lasting ways. Diastasis recti (a condition caused when the abdominal muscles separate), stretch marks, hernias, and incontinence are very real conditions associated with pregnancy. These don’t just go away on their own, and you can’t exercise your way away from them, either—no matter what a social media influencer tells you. Tummy tuck surgery can, however, improve these conditions.

Why a Tummy Tucks Work

After childbirth, many moms work hard to regain their pre-baby bodies, often ramping up their diet and exercise habits to improve their appearance and confidence. But ultimately, no amount of healthy habits will completely reverse changes caused by pregnancy, even with the passage of time. This is why many moms chose a tummy tuck.

It can be hurtful to hear other people demean your decision to have tummy tuck surgery, especially when they accuse you of just not “trying hard enough.” As a physician who offers tummy tuck, I tell my Baltimore patients all the time that sometimes diet and exercise simply can’t achieve what they want

Another common refrain is that surgery like a tummy tuck or mommy makeover is an “easy way out” of the hard work of diet and exercise. This is patently false. First, and most importantly, neither of these procedures is intended for weight loss. In fact, patients who are significantly overweight aren’t usually candidates for body contouring procedures.

Tummy Tuck Guide

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The Tummy Tuck Investment

It’s important to remember that cosmetic surgery isn’t a matter of popping into the office and going back to normal the next day. Tummy tuck is an invasive procedure with a recuperation that can keep you at home for about 1-2 weeks. Additionally, most cosmetic procedures aren’t covered by insurance.

Our patients know that plastic surgery is an investment in their long-term health and well-being. Just like joining a gym or kicking carbs is admirable, there’s no shame in pursuing aesthetic procedure if you believe it will help you achieve long-term confidence and well-being.

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