Benefits to Vitamin B-12 Therapy

Vitamin B-12 is an essential vitamin that is vital in addressing adrenal fatigue, multiple metabolic functions — including enzyme production, DNA production, and hormonal balance — and maintaining healthy nervous and cardiovascular systems. The benefits of vitamin B-12 therapy are broad. Therapy overseen by a plastic surgeon at our Baltimore practice can:

  • Improve mood, energy, and concentration
  • Reduce risk of heart disease and stroke by lowering the hormones that clog arteries,
  • Improve sleep by regulating your circadian rhythms
  • Boost your immune system which can reduce chance of illness
  • Help your body and brain run more smoothly

B-12 Deficiency Symptoms

Most people get enough B12 from their diet. It is found in a variety of foods including fish, shellfish, meats, and dairy products.  However, even a slight B-12 deficiency can cause health problems that can escalate if the deficiency is not addressed. Symptoms of a vitamin B-12 deficiency can include:

  • Chronic fatigue or feeling tired
  • Muscle aches, joint pain and general weakness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness
  • Poor memory and concentrate difficulties
  • Mood changes, like increased depression and anxiety
  • Abnormal heart problems, such as palpitations
  • Poor dental health, including bleeding gums and mouth sores
  • Digestive problems like nausea, diarrhea or cramping

People Who May Lack B-12

People at a greater risk for suffering from B-12 deficiencies include:

  • The elderly: Aging bodies produce fewer digestive acids and are less efficient at processing nutrients. Therefore, older people are more susceptible to nutritional deficiency and conditions such as constipation, atrophic gastritis, diverticulosis, and other digestive tract disorders.
  • Vegetarians and vegans: The vegetarian and vegan diet can be perfectly healthy, vitamin B-12 is naturally found only in animal products. Therefore, it is important for these people to find a way to supplement their diet to prevent deficiency.
  • People with chronic intestinal diseases such as Crohn’s or Celiac: These types of disorders inhibit the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from food, which means that even when they eat a well-balanced diet, their bodies don’t receive all the nutrients they need.
  • People that take acid-reducing drugs: These people may consider vitamin B-12 as it can reduce some of the negative effects associated with taking these medicines.
  • People with long-term degenerative diseases: Conditions may include diabetes, osteoporosis, muscular degeneration, and Lou Gehrig’s disease. These people tend to do better when they supplement their diet with vitamin B-12.

IV therapy can provide the B-12 you may be missing. Learn more about the power of IV therapy in this blog post.

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