8 Tips for New Year’s Resolutions SUCCESS

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions?

New Year’s Resolutions offer the opportunity to reflect on your life and make the positive changes you need to improve it. Millions of people start the new year with this time-honored tradition, hoping for a healthier, happier, successful future. However, research shows that few of us abide by the promises we made to ourselves. In fact, more than half of us fail before the end of March and only eight percent see their resolutions through to the end.

If you haven’t made your resolutions yet, there’s still time! The most common resolutions are no surprise; people want to lose weight, exercise more, spend less and save money, learn a new skill, quit smoking, drink less, read more, grow professionally, and spend more quality time with family. As you consider what needs improvement in your life, remember that it is not the extent of change that matters but acknowledging that change is needed and the steps you take to it happen.

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Meanwhile, here are eight tips on how to make 2020 your year to beat the odds and be successful.

  1. Be Specific – Don’t try to reassess and tackle too much at once. Unhealthy behaviors develop over time, so replacing them with healthier ones will require time and attention. Your best chance for success begins with setting small, realistic resolutions that are clear, measurable and meaningful.
  2. Break it down – People who break down their resolutions into smaller, attainable goals throughout the year have more success. Smaller goals are easier to keep and make the end goal seem less daunting.
  3. Write it down– Keep your resolutions top-of-mind by displaying them where you can see them every day and record your progress in a log or journal to help stay on track.
  4.  Schedule time – You make resolutions to improve the parts of your life that need improvement, so it is fair to assume that those parts have been neglected. Scheduling time for them can provide the push you need to give them the time and attention they require and deserve.
  5.  Share them – Tell your family and friends about your resolutions, for they can be a great source of support and encouragement and help you stay accountable. Plus, everything is more fun with friends, so sharing the experience can make it easier and more enjoyable.
  6.  Get help – If you are struggling, reach out to friends, family or a professional for guidance. They may suggest a fresh approach or a better strategy to help you meet your goals successfully.
  7.  Celebrate little wins – reward yourself as you progress along your resolution timeline with little self-caring treats – like a new skincare product, flowers, a massage, or an extra-long bubble bath – to make your self-improvement journey easier and more enjoyable.
  8. Don’t give up – We all slip up occasionally, so when you mess up, don’t beat yourself up. Give yourself some grace, keep trying, and get back on track.

Good Luck!

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