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female model breasts close up

Self-Conscious about Your Breasts?

Are you self-conscious about the size and shape of your breasts? Like many women, you want to feel confident about your appearance and your figure. Maybe you wish your breasts were fuller to nicely fill out that cocktail dress with the plunging neckline you’ve had your eye on, or even a new form-fitting top for …

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belly buldge

Tired of your Belly Bulge?

Tired of looking down at that belly bulge, or how about those stubborn fat pockets on your hips and thighs that make you feel less than confident about your figure? Maybe you’ve tried a variety of diets and exercise regimens, but to no avail – those stubborn pockets of unwanted fat still remain. It can …

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female model measuring breasts

Tips for Buying Bras After Breast Augmentation

Shopping for new clothes is one of the most exciting milestones after getting a breast augmentation. Trying on the tops and dresses you’ve always wanted to wear and seeing them fit beautifully is cause for celebration. But before you embrace plunging necklines, you’ll need a great bra that keeps your gals in place and looking …

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