Unprecedented Times Call for Unprecedented Measures

During this unprecedented time, the safety, health & wellbeing of our community is our highest priority. We’ve worked diligently to figure out how to best serve our patients, our community, our staff, and the greater movement in the battle against COVID-19. To contribute, Belcara Health has launched the following new programs:

Emergency Care

Accidents will continue to happen; people will still need non-viral medical care. To ease the stress on the heroic emergency doctors and nurses, help patients avoid long wait times in overwhelmed facilities, and reduce their risk of infection, Belcara Health’s physicians are available 24/7 to treat facial fractures, lacerations, and certain types of burns.

Our goal is to help people get the care they need in an environment they can trust. Our facility meets the most stringent measures for safety and cleanliness, indicated by our accreditation by the state of Maryland, Medicare, and the AAAHC, a third-party organization with rigorous nationally recognized standards. We are strictly adhering to all current CDC and OSHA guidelines, taking extra precautions to meticulously sterilize our facility, and carefully screening everyone on site for risk of COVID-19.

If you experience any of the above conditions, our team is ready to provide the compassionate and safe care you need during this uncertain time. Our physicians are all leaders in their fields, with elite training, decades of experience, and extensive expertise. To schedule an emergency or urgent appointment, day or night, please call 410.307.1160.

A Silver Lining Opportunity

We feel better when we look better, and we look better when we feel better – simple truths that explain why it is important to optimize both your health and your appearance. One silver lining of these trying times is that we now have more time to consider how we can achieve our self-improvement goals. If you are among the many thinking about making positive physical changes, you probably have many questions about which options are right for you.

The plastic surgery team at Belcara Health is now available through virtual consultations to answer your questions and provide the guidance you’re seeking. During your virtual consultation, your goals, concerns, lifestyle, medical history, and current condition will be reviewed; then, your surgeon will recommend the right solutions to help you achieve the outstanding, natural-looking results you desirejust like an in-person consultation. Whether you want to improve the appearance of your face, body or breasts, our surgeons can help you achieve your best self. An added perk to taking your consult virtually, you can do it from the comfort of your own home!

To request a virtual appointment, please visit www.belcarahealth.com/contact.

Meet our Surgeons:

Dr. Michael D. Cohen, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon & Breast Enhancement Specialist.

Dr. Gary A. Vela, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon & Body Enhancement Specialist.

Dr. Bradley C. Robertson, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon & Facial Enhancement Specialist.

Dr. Nadia K. Mostovych, Board Certified Head and Neck Surgeon & Facial Enhancement Specialist.

We encourage everyone to be calm and cautious. You have our commitment to be a leading resource as we all work together to support each other amidst these uncertain times.

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