Wellness Policies

Congratulations on making the decision to invest in your health. At Belcara Health – Wellness, we look forward to partnering with you on your journey to optimal health.

Why Belcara Health

At Belcara Health, we believe that achieving optimal wellness is more than just analyzing numbers. Unlike other wellness facilities that begin by sending you somewhere else for general testing, Belcara Health is a true medical facility with much higher standards and more complex programs. Our approach to Integrative Medicine considers multiple factors in order to address the whole person and derive a personalized plan for each patient.

First Step

Your first appointment is one hour spent with our Board-Certified Physician, trained and certified in Anti-Aging and Wellness. Before the consultation, you will have completed a very detailed lifestyle evaluation. The completed evaluation will then be thoroughly analyzed by our physician. This evaluation, along with the consultation may result in a request for a diagnostic lab recommendation.

Policies and Procedures


Appointments made in our Wellness Center are much longer than the standard office visit. Because we value your time and place a priority in your health, we put significant preparation into your visit even before you arrive. To serve all our patients optimally, the following policies will be enforced:

Appointment Fees

Appointment fees are due and payable prior to your visit.

Canceled/Rescheduled Appointment History

All canceled/rescheduled appointments must be made 24 hours in advance and must be made in writing through the Belcara Health communication system (Klara). Appointments not cancelled in time will be subject to the $100 fee for a missed appointment.

Late Policy

At Belcara Health, our care is patient focused. We do our best to stay on schedule, but that often requires patient participation. Arriving late to an appointment means the patient following you will be inconvenienced. Arriving late for an appointment will give the provider less time to spend with you. Appointments must end on time and price adjustments will not be made for late arrivals.


Payment in full is expected at the time of scheduling your service. These services may or may not be covered by your insurance company;  you should call your insurance company prior to making your appointment to determine coverage options. Belcara Health will not bill your insurance directly, but we can give you a receipt with diagnosis codes for services, at your request. Then you may submit these for direct reimbursement from your insurance company.

If you wish to use your insurance to cover your blood work, please check with your insurance company prior to the test to confirm eligibility. Otherwise, it may be beneficial for you to choose the prepay option. You are also capable of using your HSA (health savings account) or FSA (flexible spending account).

New patients

All new patients will be required to fill out the online medical history (OMH) within 24 hours of scheduling the first appointment. A complete and thorough medical history is necessary for your provider to prepare for your consult. If you need assistance completing your OMH, please call us immediately and a concierge member will be happy to assist you. Any appointment that does not have a completed OMH within 4 hours of the scheduled appointment will be subject to the canceled/reschedule policy.

Established Patients

Established patients with questions about their healthcare may contact the provider anytime through the BH patient communication system (KLARA). Responses will be the same day. However, due to the potential complexity of the issue involved, answers may not be available via KLARA and a follow-up appointment may be necessary. Any response requiring more than ten minutes of the provider’s time will be billed out at the following rates:

  • 10 minutes ($50)
  • 15 minutes ($75)
  • 20 minutes ($100)

Responses that require more than 20 minutes of the providers time will require a follow-up consultation fee.

Lab Results

Lab results will not be released before the scheduled follow-up appointment. Please withhold any questions regarding lab work until this time.

Prescription Refills

All refill requests must be made through the BH patient communication system (KLARA). Refills will be processed within 48 hours.

Please note, our physicians do not interact with insurance companies for billing or to pre-authorize for compounding medicines or pharmaceuticals.

If it is absolutely necessary for our physician to discuss your case with a provider at your insurance company, a billable fee will apply.

Primary Care Provider

The wellness physician at Belcara Health will not function as your primary care provider. All patients should have a primary care provider to cover acute needs, routine care and screenings such as mammograms, pap smears, colonoscopies, etc. Any acute illnesses should be directed to your primary care provider. In the event of an emergency or serious health concern, please call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room. If you notice an adverse effect from one of the components of your health plan you should discontinue use immediately and call the office or contact us through the BH patient communication system (KLARA).

Please call 410.296.0414 for further assistance.

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