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Are Shaped Implants Right for You?

If you're considering Breast Augmentation, you've probably started wondering about which type of implant will give you the results you want. There's now more choice than ever before because three different anatomically shaped "gummy bear" implants have been approved since the spring of 2012. Although superb results can still be achieved from the traditional round …

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How Do You Pick the Right Plastic Surgeon for Breast Surgery?

To be confident with your breast surgery results you must have confidence in your surgeon. There is a distinct art to breast surgery. In addition to listening to a patient’s desires, a good surgeon must consider the patient’s body frame, proportions, skin and medical history. Whether you are interested in breast augmentation, breast lift, breast …

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How is CoolSculpting and DualSculpting Different than Liposuction

With the springtime approaching, many people start to think about reshaping their bodies to prepare for a summer wardrobe or a beach vacation. If you’ve been concerned about your silhouette, we offer two great options to remove fatty deposits that haven’t responded to diet and exercise. You now can choose either liposuction or CoolSculpting / …

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Breast Enhancement – What Size is Best for Me?

Breast enhancements can be a great way for women to enhance their appearance and feel more self-confident and attractive. Once you’ve decided to have breast surgery, the next step is to decide how you want your breasts to look. You may want to go up several sizes to get a fabulous curvy look. If sagging …

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We Found 2 Ways to Make CoolSculpting Better!

You've heard of CoolSculpting, right? This 100% non-surgical, no-downtime way to permanently shed unwanted fat can help you reduce pesky bulges once and for all. We’ve had rave reviews about CoolSculpting so far, but that hasn’t stopped us from making this popular treatment even better for you. Here’s what we’ve done: 1. DualSculpting: CoolSculpting in …

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