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Recipe for Younger Looking Skin? Mixing Peels & Injectables!

For more youthful, radiant skin in a hurry, nothing beats non-surgical treatments. With very little downtime and full results within days, injectables and chemical peels, can help you take years off your appearance with results that last for months.

But did you know pairing peels with injectables can get you even better results? That’s because each of these treatments are superstars at addressing different signs of aging. When combined strategically, it’s like forming your own skin rejuvenation dream team.

Injectables: different choices target different wrinkles

The most popular cosmetic procedure by far, injectables are the go-to treatments for reducing wrinkles that become etched into our faces as we age. Injectables fall into two basic groups: neurotoxins and dermal fillers. Each treats a different type of wrinkle.

  • Injectable neurotoxins diminish the wrinkles we form by habit. Neurotoxins, such as Botox & Dysport, work by relaxing the muscles responsible for forming what we call dynamic wrinkles, or wrinkles that get more pronounced with facial expressions. They’re perfect for targeting wrinkles on the upper face: crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead creases.
  • Dermal fillers soften deep creases & add plumpness beneath the surface. Fillers like Juvederm, Restylane & Radiesse contain a gel-like substance that sits underneath the skin, adding plumpness and restoring volume to aging facial features. They’re especially great for softening deep lines and creases on the mid to lower face. Using fillers in tandem with neurotoxins allows for more complete wrinkle treatment.
    But what about those age spots, acne scars or rough patches? That’s where a chemical peel comes into play.

Add a chemical peel to renew the skin’s surface for a soft, radiant glow.

Chemical peels target signs of aging on the skin’s surface by removing the damaged, lackluster outer layers. They’re great for improving dull skin, smoothing fine lines and imperfections, balancing pigmentation, and boosting your overall radiance. Adding a chemical peel to your skin rejuvenation plan can dramatically enhance the results of your injectable treatments by creating a smoother, clearer complexion. Plus, many peels promote collagen production, helping your skin stay firmer over time.

Ready to get started on your “dream team”? We can help!

You’ve got tons of options for both peels and injectables; the best combo for you depends on your unique skin type & concerns. So contact us—we’ll be happy to assess your unique needs at a personal skincare consultation.

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