New Nose, New Face – The Popularity of Rhinoplasty

By American Health and Beauty

Reconstructive nose surgery, commonly referred to as rhinoplasty, has existed in theory and practice in some form for centuries. However, modern rhinoplasty procedures, which began over a hundred years ago and have becoming nearly perfected through innovation, are practical and affordable. In some cases, such procedures are necessary; however, elective rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons has gained in popularity as complications and cost decrease. A number of factors may rightly be attributed to the current popularity of rhinoplasty.

The Results of a Nose Job

The efficacy of the surgery in reducing the size, reshaping, and improving the appearance of the nose, is instantly noticeable. Those who are dissatisfied with the size and shape of their nose are apt to have a rhinoplasty procedure due to the time-tested results.

Because it is the most prominent feature on the face, a nose that is too large or shaped differently from the norm can affect the way you feel about your appearance. The nose appears to affect the face on a much larger scale, since the perception of balance and symmetry of the face anchor to the nose as a central point of focus.

Therefore, for some, the importance of a rhinoplasty cannot be overstated—a reshaped nose can result in greater confidence, as an individual’s self-worth is inextricably linked, if only in a small way, to physical appearance. The popularity of the procedure is a result of its “necessity” for many individuals to feel confident.

Cost of a Rhinoplasty

The relatively low cost of a rhinoplasty is another of the main contributors to the procedure’s popularity. Also, many cosmetic offices offer payment plans that allow an individual to spread payments out over a period of time.

Rhinoplasty cost depends on the extent of the surgery. Cost is relative to a number of factors, including the area you choose to have the surgery, the experience and reputation of the surgeon, and the type of surgery you opt for.

Invasiveness and Recovery

Many types of reconstructive or cosmetic surgery are invasive, meaning scarring and a long recovery period is to be expected. The popularity of rhinoplasty is in no small part due to the fact that, whether one decides to pursue “open” or “closed” surgery, the procedure is far less invasive than other types of cosmetic surgery.

Scarless options are also available to those with the money to afford such a procedure, while more invasive surgery may be required for others. Even surgery that requires an extensive procedure, more stitches, and a longer recovery period may result in an aesthetically pleasing post-operative appearance.

Lasting side effects are less noticeable than with similar procedures, and will generally subside less than a year following surgery. In short, the appearance of an individual who has undergone a rhinoplasty procedure is more often enhanced than harmed.

All of these factors contribute to the popularity of rhinoplasty, but perhaps the “real” reason can best be summed up in two words – it works. When performed by a properly trained physician, the results are very predictable. It is this reason, if none other, which causes patients to court the procedure as one of the most effective ways of improving their appearance.

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