Yes! You may use your FSA & HSA at Belcara Health!

Use your Flex Spending Account & Health Savings Account  to save on procedures and products you want, including:

  • Eye Exams, Prescription Eye wear, Contact Lenses, Dry Eye treatments, LASIK, TrueTear

  • Skin Exams, Body Mapping, Prescription Skincare Products, including Latisse!

  • Co-Pays, Deductible Payments, and more!

What is an FSA?

An FSA, or Flexible Spending Account, is a special savings account, available through your employer. You put money from your paycheck into your FSA for medical expenses in the coming year.

No Taxes

You pay no taxes on this income. The money you place in your FSA is not taxed by the government- so, you keep more of it.  It’s a great option for people considering medical procedures and products not covered by insurance, because it takes some of the pressure off these expenses. 

How it Works

You can put a set amount into your FSA per year, but you must use that money during that period. What you don’t use, you lose, so plan wisely. If you have any other questions about planning for your procedures, drop us a line so we can set you up with a consultation. 

NOTE: FSA & HSA terms vary. Please confirm your benefits prior to making a purchase.

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