Why Winter is Ideal for Elective Procedures

Are you considering an elective procedure – such as breast enhancement, body contouring, facial enhancement, and LASIK –  but not sure when might be the best time to schedule? The winter months are extremely popular and well suited for elective procedures, so you may want to schedule your consultation now. Here’s why:

Recovery is easier

Many people are hesitant to undergo procedures due to the amount of time it takes to recover. Unfortunately, there’s not much of a way around this issue, unless you choose a non-surgical procedure with little to no downtime, such as Botox, Fillers or Microdermabrasion. However, if you decide to proceed with a surgical procedure, the cold, winter months are the best for resting indoors. And, once you recuperate and are ready to go outside again, you can bundle up with layers of clothes and accessories to hide any post-surgery evidence or garments, swelling or bruising would be completely normal. And you’ll be completely healed and ready when the warm weather arrives.


Many people today take time off to do things around town and spend time relaxing in their homes.  If you’re busy like most of us these days, this could be a wonderful opportunity to have a “staycation” during your recovery. Being close to home means your doctor is accessible for follow-ups visits and you have your family and friends around to help.

The gift of beauty and care

It’s become common for couples to give each other cosmetic procedures as gifts. And mothers and daughters frequently purchase skincare services for each other or have them simultaneously. Even if you don’t receive a trip to the plastic surgeon’s office as a gift from someone else, there’s no reason you can’t treat yourself. With all the chaos that the holiday season brings, it’s great to give yourself a treat to help you look great and feel like celebrating.

New Year – New You!

The start of the New Year is a popular time to set new goals. Many of us decide to finally address the things about ourselves we wish to change, whether it’s improving our health and appearance or becoming free from glasses or contact lenses.  Get a head start on the New Year by scheduling your consultation today!

If you are thinking of a procedure or would like to gift a friend or relative, contact us today!

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