Enjoy Sex Again With CO2RE® Intima

As you grow older, your body changes. After childbirth and natural aging, many women begin to notice issues with their vaginal health. Sex might start to feel uncomfortable and cause burning or itching sensations. While these symptoms are common, they’re frustrating and can impact your self-esteem.

Thankfully, with the help of new technology, it’s possible to refresh your body and make sex enjoyable again. CO2RE® Intima and The O-Shot are vaginal rejuvenation treatments offered at our Baltimore practice, helping women from all walks of life feel more confident and satisfied.

Menopausal Struggles

If you’re going through menopause, sexual intercourse may have become painful and less enjoyable. Painful sex, a condition known as dyspareunia, is a common problem among menopausal women and can ruin what was once a healthy sex life.

Menopause brings a decrease of estrogen – a hormone largely responsible for a woman’s physical capacity to enjoy sex. The loss of estrogen can cause your vaginal tissues to become thin, dry, and less elastic, making sexual intercourse painful and unappealing. It can also cause vaginal irritation and the leaking of urine with laughing, coughing, or sneezing.

Cancer Survivors

Cancer survivors are especially susceptible to vaginal pain and dryness during sex because many cancer treatments can decrease a woman’s estrogen production, leading to menopausal symptoms. In fact, about 80% of menopausal cancer survivors report experiencing pain during intercourse.

Traditional treatments for alleviating vaginal dryness and pain have been hormone replacement therapies that replace lost estrogen. However, because cancer cells feed on estrogen, some cancer survivors may not be candidates for treatments that add more estrogen into the body, for it could give any hidden cancer cells fuel for growth – a risk that many cancer patients are not willing to take. Cancer survivors should always check with their oncologist when any treatment involves hormone therapy.

Finding Relief

At Belcara Health, we are happy to offer women a new solution for relief. CO2RE Intima laser treatments are a drug-free, minimally invasive way to prevent and reduce the discomforts of painful sex, vaginal irritation, and mild urinary incontinence. There is no hormonal activity with this treatment, making it a safe solution for cancer patients and anyone who doesn’t want to use traditional hormone therapy.

Using fractional carbon dioxide (CO2) technology, CO2RE Intima stimulates vaginal tissues to induce the production of collagen and other substances. Results include:

  • Increasing vaginal elasticity and lubrication
  • Improving the appearance of the external tissues of the vagina
  • Removing skin tags and warts
  • Correcting looseness around the vaginal opening

Treatments involve 3 sessions, generally performed 4 to 6 weeks apart, with occasional touchups after a year if necessary. The procedure itself takes only 2 to 4 minutes with minimal to no discomfort.

By restoring health and balance to the vaginal tissues, CO2RE Intima laser treatments and O-Shot therapies correct the underlying conditions that cause painful intercourse so menopausal women can start enjoying sex again. It has been successful for nearly 90% of women experiencing hormone-related vaginal dryness and sexual pain – and can even help correct vaginal laxity that often occurs after childbirth.

Curious if CO2RE Intima laser treatments or O-Shot PRP injections are right for you? To learn more about vaginal rejuvenation treatments at our Baltimore practice, schedule a private one-on-one consultation. Request an appointment online or call our office at (410) 296-0414.

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