Breast Augmentation Can Be Subtle, Too

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Like most things, trends in breast augmentation evolve. What might have been popular or desirable a decade ago is now outdated or even obsolete. Many of our breast augmentation patients in Baltimore are much more interested in the “natural” look—focusing on smaller implants and a more subtle improvement that still looks appropriately proportioned. So what’s behind the trend—and is it here to stay? We certainly hope so!

Natural Is In

Breast augmentation is 1 of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures around the globe. In recent years, many doctors—myself included—have seen a gradual decline in requests for large breasts. Instead, women from all walks of life say they want natural-looking results that are a bit smaller than what would have been popular several years ago. This applies to both first-time patients and women who have previously undergone breast augmentation.

In fact, we’re also seeing a rise in explant cases. In these situations, women who already have implants want to remove them completely and not replace them. But for the purposes of this blog post, we’ll keep the focus on the phenomenon of subtle breast augmentation.

Why Smaller Is Trending

Smaller implants and low-key results have become more popular in part because manufacturers have developed better implants and better techniques. Today’s breast implants are among the most advanced ever created and are available in a mind-boggling assortment of sizes and shapes.

The surgical steps used during breast augmentation have come a long way, too. Less invasive techniques allow surgeons to completely custom-tailor the surgery in a way that wasn’t available before. And because “natural” is a bit of a buzzword these days—showing up in everything from food labels to shampoo—it makes sense that the appeal would extend to cosmetic surgery, as well. Although breast augmentation itself isn’t natural, the idea of a natural-looking result that enhances your body’s existing curves, rather than competing with them, is an idea we can get behind.

Beyond Augmentation

Implants aren’t the only option for breast enhancement. In a case where a patient requests a change that’s extremely subtle—perhaps more of a little “boost” than a big bump in size—we might recommend another technique. Many women who think that they need implants would actually see good results from a simple breast lift.

And don’t forget about the possibility of fat transfer, a procedure that uses your own unwanted fat to augment and enhance another part of your body—in this case, the breasts. Fat transfer is a great option for subtle results. Large-volume fat transfer isn’t very popular, but smaller amounts can be easily transferred with an exceptionally natural look and feel.

Board-certified plastic surgeons like the professionals at Belcara Health attend years of medical school and undergo extensive training to help patients achieve the results they want. If you’re interested in moving forward with your breast augmentation, contact our office to request your consultation today.

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