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Spring: The Perfect Time For Hair Restoration

Spring is a time of change and growth for all of nature. If you’re catching spring fever, and want to improve the quality and thickness of your hair, this is the perfect time to consider Hair Restoration.

Deciding how to address your hair loss can be overwhelming. With many procedures available, some more invasive than others, it’s important to know your options. Traditional hair restoration procedures such as the Strip Method offer thicker hair in balding areas, but also result in long, noticeable scarring around the entire scalp. At Belcara Health, we offer a new hair restoration technology, called NeoGraft, which is minimally-invasive and provides thicker and more natural-looking results without any scarring.

The Strip Method removes sections of the scalp that still produced thick hair and transplants them to sections of the scalp which suffered from hair loss.

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NeoGraft transplants only the hair follicles themselves, so skin grafting and scarring is not necessary.

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Benefits to Neograft:

  • Creates a thicker, more natural hair line because there is control on exactly where each follicle is placed
  • No noticeable, long scars on the scalp
  • No post-operative pain
  • Permanent, thick, natural-looking hair will begin to grow about 4-6 months after the procedure.

Bring new lift to your hair this spring with Neograft Hair Restoration!  Dr. Michael Cohen looks forward to answering your questions during your complimentary consultation.  Call 410.296.0414 today!

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