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Tips for Buying Bras After Breast Augmentation

Shopping for new clothes is one of the most exciting milestones after getting a breast augmentation. Trying on the tops and dresses you’ve always wanted to wear and seeing them fit beautifully is cause for celebration. But before you embrace plunging necklines, you’ll need a great bra that keeps your gals in place and looking great — which sometimes feels like an impossible goal.

If you’re wondering how to find a bra that fits after breast implants, you’re not alone. As the swelling goes down, breast size sometimes fluctuates post-augmentation, and that can make finding the right bra challenging. These answers to some frequently asked questions will hopefully make it easy for you to find the best bra to wear after your breast augmentation. 

What’s my post-augmentation bra size?

This is one of the most common questions women have after getting a breast augmentation. Let’s start with the easy part, band size. Your band size should be similar to your previous bra size since your underbust measurement isn’t changed by breast augmentation surgery. So if you were a 36 before surgery, you’re likely to still be a 36. Still, it’s worth measuring just in case, because band size is the first step to getting a good fit — we’ll give tips for that later in this post.

Next up is cup size and finding the right cup size can be a real conundrum. Many Maryland breast augmentation patients go into surgery with some idea about their desired size change — for instance, going from an A cup to a C cup. However, many ladies will then experience frustration if they only try on their hoped-for size when updating their bra collection. Knowing your ideal size is helpful, but the truth is every manufacturer and bra style is a little different when it comes to cup size. To find a great fit, you’ll need to try cup sizes beyond the one you expected. There’s just no substitute for trying on several bras to judge their fit and comfort!

Your body will gradually acclimate to the weight of your new breasts, but it’s important to wear a bra with good support that doesn’t pull down on your shoulders. Seek out the advice of a professional bra fitter (many department stores and boutiques offer this service for free) to make sure you’re giving your breasts the support they need.

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Play up or play down?

Showing off your new bustline is one of the joys of breast augmentation for many patients, but there may be times you want a more subtle look. A push-up bra will make your breasts look fabulous, but when you want to play down your new size, you may want a bra with less lift.

T-shirt bras give a smooth, subtle look that is great for work or family functions. If you’re heading to the gym, a well-constructed sports bra can do the trick, as long as it’s the right size and has plenty of support.

Bonus tip: many of our breast augmentation patients report that their nipples are more sensitive and often firm in the months after surgery. To ensure comfort and avoid any embarrassing appearances, consider purchasing nipple covers.

How to find a bra that fits after your breast aug

When you’ve found the perfect bra, you’ll know it. You’ll feel like birds are singing just for you, and you won’t be counting down the hours until you can remove your bra every day. Here are some tips:

1. Start with band size. While braless or wearing a non-padded bra, use a tape measure to measure your torso right under your breasts. The measuring tape should be made level and snug. (Remember to exhale fully.) Write down your measurement, rounding to the nearest whole number. Now we’ll calculate your exact band measurement. If your number is even, add four inches. If it’s an odd number, add five inches. Voila! Your band size is the sum of this calculation. Here are some examples:

29 inches + 5 = 34 bra band
30 inches + 4 = 34 bra band
31 inches + 5 = 36 bra band
32 inches + 4 = 36 bra band
33 inches + 5 = 38 bra band
34 inches + 4 = 38 bra band
35 inches + 5 = 40 bra band
36 inches + 4 = 40 bra band
37 inches + 5 = 42 bra band
38 inches + 4 = 42 bra band

2. Now measure cup size. Hold the measuring tape horizontally around the fullest part of your breasts. The difference between your torso measurement number and your breast measurement will give you an approximation of your cup size.

Difference: 1” 2” 3” 4” 5” 6”
Cup Size: A B C D DD DDD, F

Now put your band size with your cup size, and you’ve got a good place to start when shopping. Remember you might also need to try nearby cup sizes for a great fit!

3. Still unsure? Seek out a pro. Many specialty bra shops and department stores have staff that is specially trained in bra measurement. These women can also look at how a given bra is fitting you and tell you what adjustments to make for the best fit. They will also have ideas about which brands and bra styles will work best for your shape.

4. Find a brand you like and stick with it. Once you’ve found a brand that gives you good support at the right price, check out their full collection. You may discover a strapless bra that feels just as good as your basic bra.

5. Don’t be afraid to have fun. With breasts you love, you might dare to try bright colors, lacy details, or bold straps. You might even be tempted to show off a sweet bra detail with a top that reveals a little extra. Or keep it a figure-flattering secret that gives you a confidence boost each morning.

6. Treat your bras with care. It’s a good idea to buy multiple bras so they’ll last longer: giving your bras a couple of days off each week can greatly extend their life. Launder according to the manufacturer’s directions or wash by hand for best results.

Now that you know the basics of finding a great bra for your new breasts, go out and shop with confidence!

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