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Get Kissable Lips with Restylane Silk!

We are thrilled to introduce NEW Restylane Silk!

Restylane Silk – a new, softer form of Restylane – is approved by the FDA for injection in lips and in lip lines (smoker’s lines or pucker lines).

The product’s softness is its defining feature. Restylane Silk is composed of smaller and smoother particles than other Restylane products, which allows our Belcara Health medical staff to use ultra-fine needles. The lip is perhaps the most sensitive area in the body, and with the combination of the tiny needle and the inclusion of lidocaine in the formula, your treatment will be significantly more comfortable and effective.

restylane silk lip injections

“We’re happy to introduce this new product specifically designed for lips and the lines around them that gives a natural, supple look,” says Dr. Michael Cohen, Medical Director at Belcara Health.

Because the lips are in constant motion, longevity has always been a problem for fillers in the area. Previous products often lasted only three to four months in lips versus six months in smile lines, says Dr. Cohen. In clinical trials, 76% still had lip improvement at six months.

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