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Which Implant Type is Best for Me?

I’m considering plastic surgery to enhance the size and shape of my breasts. How do I decide which type of breast implant is right for me?

Now that spring is here and summer is right around the corner, you want to feel confident about your appearance and look great in your spring dresses, tank-tops, and beachwear. Whether you desire fuller, shapelier breasts, or you want to restore your curves after pregnancy and childbirth, Breast Augmentation is a great option for a natural, beautiful and proportioned appearance.

At Belcara Health, we take the time to talk with you about your desires and expectations. Our customized and personalized approach begins with a private, one-on-one consultation where we address your individual needs and concerns through each step of the process. With many Breast Implant Options available to you, we will guide you through the decision-making process, keeping in mind your body frame, skin condition, and desired results. These options include:

  1.  Saline or Silicone Gel Implants – There are two types of implant fillers. Saline implants are encased in a thin silicone shell and filled with sterile saline (saltwater). Silicone implants are made of a thick gel that closely mimics natural breast tissue. Our board-certified surgeons will help you choose which size and shaped implants will provide you with the most natural-looking results.
  2. Projection: A higher projection may change your silhouette dramatically, while a moderate projection creates a more subtle enhancement. Typically, the narrower your chest circumference, the higher the profile implant you will need in order to achieve the breast size you may want. We’ll help you decide which projection would be best for you after determining what look you’re trying to achieve.
  3. Shape: We offer both traditional round implants, and one of the new, anatomically shaped implant options. Round implants create a full, youthful breast all around and move more like natural breasts. Shaped implants are fuller and contoured in the lower half like a more mature breast. The anatomically shaped implants are a good choice for women who are very small breasted as they can actually shape the breast.breast implant options
  4. Surface: We offer our patients both smooth and textured implants. A smooth implant creates a softer feel and less rippling as the breast moves. Patients with shaped implants benefit from a textured surface to ensure that the breast remains full in the correct areas.

Although implant type is important, it’s not the only variable that you should consider. Additional questions that you should discuss with your physician include implant size, incision sites, placement options, and any other questions or concerns that are important to you.

Our board-certified plastic surgeon has vast experience in breast augmentation procedures and can help you sort through all of your options. Dr. Michael Cohen and Dr. Gary Vela have more than 25 years of experience in cosmetic breast surgery and perform hundreds of breast augmentation procedures every year, helping patients achieve the beautifully enhanced figures they desire.

Come in for a consultation and learn more about your options! Please call our office to schedule your appointment: 410.296.0414.

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