There’s still time! Look your best for the Holidays

Arrive at your holiday parties with the look you’ve always wished for! Perfectly proportioned facial features, radiant skin that takes years off your appearance, a gorgeous figure – you have a few weeks to get it done…and the clock is ticking!

Santa can’t help. No magic potion, pill, cream, diet or exercise will turn you from haggard to party-perfect by the holidays. But all is not lost! Thanks to the advanced technology, sophisticated procedures and expert skills, the leading surgeons and aestheticians at Belcara Health are ready to help you celebrate exquisitely. Because the pressure is on – to have a consult and schedule your procedure – we’ve provided a list of procedures you can have up until December 14th and be fully recovered in time to debut your refined appearance this holiday season. Ready?

BREAST AUGMENTATION – An attention-grabber and confidence-builder that requires some immediate action on your part. Have a consult! Set the date! What are you waiting for? The days are quickly counting to 2013. Let procrastination be a thing of the past – your immediate past.

BLEPHAROPLASTY – Don’t let another day go by that you don’t look and feel your best. Your eyes might be giving the impression that you’re tired or weary and older than you really are. Lifting your eye lids will let your eyes sparkle to full effect, brightening your face and taking years off your look. This small procedure now will ensure a youthful face meets the new year and eyes up the possibilities the await.

ABDOMINOPLASTY – A sure-fire show-stopper but you have to get on the surgical calendar right away. It may seem like a tight squeeze, fitting in all the holiday prep and a tummy tuck, but won’t it be nice to not have to squeeze into that killer dress come New Year’s Eve?

RHINOPLASTY – If you’ve ever considered it, now is the time for a nose job. Schedule your refinement procedure this week or early next week, say by the 13th, and you’ll be party-ready!

LIPOSUCTION – Everybody loves Spanks, but let’s give them the holidays off! Resolve right now that you don’t need shapers, Jenny or that wonder cream you saw on late night TV. You need an appointment with Dr. Cohen or Dr. Robertson. Say goodbye to saddlebags and bulges. To ring in the New Year without the excess baggage, make your lipo appointment by December 14th.

BOTOX® & SKIN PEELS – Combine these treatments into one blissful day just for you. You give and give and juggle and manage, especially during these last few weeks of the year. Take time out for yourself and set back the clock a bit, with the age-defying impact of Botox® and a rejuvenating peel. The gift of beautiful skin and a youthful look never goes out of style, especially when you give it to yourself!


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