A woman smiles after seeing the results of her skin resurfacing.

3 Compliments You’re Likely to Get After Laser Skin Resurfacing

There are many ways to protect your skin and fight the signs of aging. While skincare regimens are an important part of keeping your face fresh and healthy, sometimes lotions and serums alone aren’t enough.

Good news: laser skin resurfacing can rejuvenate your skin in ways other treatments can’t.

There are several different types of laser treatments out there, and our dermatology and skincare teams here in Baltimore can find the one that best suits you. Want to add life to your skin and achieve a natural, vibrant glow? Here are a few compliments you can look forward to hearing after skin resurfacing treatments at our clinic.

‘Your skin looks so smooth!’

Gravity, the sun, and age all combine to create visible skin damage. Skin resurfacing involves using focused beams of light (lasers) to remove the upper layer of damaged skin, revealing the fresh, smooth layer underneath.

Removing the top layer helps improve scars left over from acne, surgery, and more. Lasers can also treat broken or prominent blood vessels, reducing spider veins or other unwanted blemishes.

‘Your makeup looks great—what’s your secret?’

As most women know, the key to flawless makeup is a foundation of healthy skin. A resurfacing treatment helps to reveal the fresh layer of skin underneath the damaged cells, simultaneously fading stubborn brown spots, redness, or discoloration.

Laser procedures can also reduce the size of enlarged pores, improving overall skin texture and tone. By reducing the size of pores and creating a smooth, even surface, your makeup will lay flatter and have a more airbrushed finish.

‘You seem so relaxed and refreshed’

Our skin is one of the first areas to show signs of wear and tear. By using lasers to stimulate the tissue, areas of loose skin are tightened and natural collagen production is encouraged—two important keys to appearing consistently more refreshed and alert.

The treatment is also excellent at reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and other imperfections. By reducing the appearance of these small signs of aging, your skin can look instantly younger and healthier.

Laser skin resurfacing is an excellent choice for solving multiple skin problems in one convenient treatment. If you want your skin to have an effortless, youthful glow, this option might be the perfect choice for you.

To learn more about your laser skin resurfacing options, read about the facial skin rejuvenation services offered by our skin specialists. To request an appointment of your own, contact us online or by calling (410) 296-0414.

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