Help! Can You Fix My Breast Implants?

We have many patients who come to us with just this question because they are unsatisfied with the results of a previous surgery performed elsewhere.

Despite the variety of breast implant choices available today, some doctors still seem to use a “one-size fits all” approach to breast augmentation that doesn’t always work in a patient’s best interest. Women may find the results didn’t meet their expectations, or their goals have changed, or maybe they have developed problems related to the initial augmentation procedure.

Do you wish your breasts were more beautiful? Here are some common issues we hear women mention when they come to us for breast revision surgery:

  • Unhappy with size. Women occasionally second-guess the size they chose for the initial surgery—sometimes they feel that their implants are too large, and sometimes they feel that they are not large enough. While the volume of saline implants can sometimes be adjusted by adding or removing fluid, silicone gel implants must be replaced to change the size.
  • Unhappy with the profile. Occasionally a woman doesn’t get the perky, youthful effect she envisions from a breast augmentation, and it may be that she originally needed a breast lift in addition to a breast augmentation.
  • Unhappy with shape. Until recently, women who wanted silicone breast implants were limited to a round shape, which tends to create a fuller upper portion of the breast. This fullness can be even more exaggerated in those with thinner skin. Switching to the new shaped silicone implants can help women who find this roundness too noticeable get a more naturally sloping shape.
  • Changes in the body. If a woman has experienced a weight fluctuation, or become pregnant, the breasts can be affected in unintended ways. Aging also factors in, as breasts settle lower on the chest during the years following augmentation.
  • Complications with the implants. Although women are nearly unanimous in their happiness with breast augmentation—according to a recent survey reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 98% of women who had breast enhancement were satisfied—on the rare occasion complications occur. Capsular contracture, implant rupture, symmastia (uni-boob), bottoming out, and double bubble are all issues that may arise. There are a number of techniques experienced plastic surgeons use to solve problems with breast implants, so we can offer a solution for every woman.

If you have any of these concerns about the appearance of your breasts, we are here to help. Breast implant revision surgery requires a mixture of technical skill, aesthetic judgment, and creative problem-solving. Sometimes a double dose of all three factors is needed to create a satisfactory result, as breast revision surgery is typically more technically challenging than the original operation. Our team of board-certified plastic surgeons has years of experience with breast revision and has a highly refined sense of aesthetics coupled with meticulous surgical technique.

Visit us for a consultation so we can give you a more satisfying breast augmentation. We have so many breast implant options that we’re sure we can help you find the best type for your specific needs. Every woman deserves to have beautiful breasts! Schedule your consultation by calling 410.296.0414.

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