EXCLUSIVE: Thoughts from our own Dr. Michael Cohen

At Belcara Health, success is measured by the number of satisfied patients and their level of satisfaction. Dr. Michael Cohen, founder and Medical Director of the Belcara Health, strives to provide his patients with beautiful results, as well as make each patient feel comfortable and at ease from the moment they walk through the door, to their first consultation, through their final post-operative appointment.

For those considering plastic surgery at Belcara Health, Dr. Cohen has provided some answers to frequently-asked questions that many patients ask. He also shared his thoughts and perspectives based on two decades of experience in the cosmetic surgery field.

His techniques…

I have worked all over the country, from Massachusetts to Louisiana to California and back to my native Maryland. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to hone my craft under the direction of some of the best plastic surgeons in the United States and around the world. I continue to collaborate with, and learn from, colleagues and peers. I am honored to have been selected, for the past 5 consecutive years, as a LEAD surgeon in Mentor’s LEAD program: Leadership, Experience and Development in Breast Augmentation. This is a collaborative program developed to identify best-practices from leading plastic surgeons around the country.

Questions patients should ABSOLUTELY ask during a consultation…

When interviewing potential cosmetic surgeons, patients should seek detailed information regarding the surgeon’s training and experience.

Training isn’t necessarily about which universities surgeons attended (although, it is important to know that), but more about their specialty. Patients should want to know what makes the doctor they are speaking with different from others – did the surgeon spend a lot of time studying, and training in, the specific procedure you are seeking?

Experience can also have varying degrees of meaning. For example, there can be some confusion as to what it means to be Board Certified vs. Board Eligible. Board Certified is a title reserved for more reputable doctors that have demonstrated their expertise in the field of plastic surgery and have been certified by the American Plastic Surgery Society (ASPS). Board Eligible typically refers to a doctor who, while having a medical degree, has not yet been approved by the ASPS.

Additionally, patients should also request to see photographs of previous work, paying specific attention to quality. Photographs can usually be found on a surgeon’s website; including both before and after images.

Finally, some doctors have certain tendencies or biases regarding certain procedures. It’s important to ask your doctor about these during your initial consultation to ensure that you achieve your desired results. For example, all Belcara Health doctors base their recommendations on achieving natural-looking, proportionate and beautiful results. We take pride in this because not all surgeons strive to achieve the same level of quality.

Technology and techniques are evolving…

Changes in technology and techniques have allowed for less invasive surgeries, faster recovery times, and more natural results with increased longevity.

One segment of plastic surgery which has been quickly evolving is the anti-aging/age reversal facial procedures. Years ago, the method to address this was primarily tightening and pulling of the skin, which turned out to be mostly a short-term fix. Today, the solution focuses on tightening the tissue under the skin, which creates a more natural look. Additionally, adding volume in strategic places, using fat transfer and fillers, can create a more youthful appearance.

Laser treatments are another great solution for turning back time. We offer an amazing ProFractional Laser treatment which goes beyond the skin, and deeper into the facial tissue where it generates heat, ultimately boosting collagen production and reducing the appearance of lines, wrinkles, acne scars and other facial problems. This treatment leaves the skin looking healthier and younger with little down-time.

For breasts, we are always aiming to get a softer, more natural look, which has been easier to achieve with silicone back on the market. 95% of breast augmentation patients now choose silicone because it creates a more natural look and feel, and is more comfortable. With Mentor’s new MemoryGel® technology; silicone breast implants are safer than ever before. I have thousands of happy patients with beautiful, natural-looking breasts, successfully augmented with silicone.

Every once in a while, people will see a new fad procedure or trendy product in a magazine or on TV, and we immediately get dozens of phone calls for consultations on it – but as a general practice at Belcara Health, we do not immediately jump on the bandwagon. We will never risk our patients’ results on an unproven procedure, so we spend time researching and studying new options before offering them to our patients.

In conclusion…

When considering plastic surgery, it’s important to do your research. Through online resources, you can quickly learn about a doctor’s credentials, training and educational background. When selecting your doctor, it’s important to find one that has expertise in the procedure you want, makes you feel comfortable, listens carefully to your goals and guides you every step of the way to achieving them.

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