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4 Things You Need to Know About Choosing Your Breast Implant Size

There are a thousand reasons why someone would choose breast augmentation surgery. After a baby, pregnancy, your breasts may begin to droop or sag or may suddenly become asymmetrical. Perhaps you have recently lost a significant amount of weight, and suddenly your breasts are not sitting where they were before. Maybe you have always struggled with asymmetrical breasts or breasts that are disproportionate to the rest of your body. Fortunately, there is a wide range of breast implant options available. Once you are familiar with the facts about breast augmentation surgery, it is important to consider which implant size is right for you.

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Size Matters

When considering implant size, it is not simply a matter of what size you want your breasts to be, but what size of breasts your body can comfortably support. Three major considerations in this decision are your current breast size, the width of your chest and shoulders and the condition of your breast tissue and skin. During breast augmentation surgery, your surgeon will use your existing breast tissue to cover the implants. If you do not currently have enough breast tissue to cover the size of implants you want, it may be necessary to opt for a smaller implant.

The size of your chest and shoulders also plays a critical role in the shape and size of your breast implants. An implant that is too large will look disproportionate to your frame, where one that is too small may not have the effect you desire for your final result. Great plastic surgeons are also artists. They can look at your existing frame, take measurements, make calculations, and work with you in recommending the size of implant that will give you the most natural-looking, proportionate, safe result possible.

Size Can Affect Your Workouts

Like it or not, breast size plays a role in the comfort level of your workouts. Oddly enough, your workout style will play a part in deciding which type and size of implant you receive. If you are a runner, large breasts can be cumbersome to your daily routine. From a few miles to a marathon, you do not want to be burdened by heavy weights in your chest every time you lace up your shoes and venture out on a hike or a run. Fortunately, many athletes and amateur runners alike have successfully received comfortable implants that do not inhibit their workout routine. In these cases, they made a conscious decision to get breast implants that are proportionate to their body and frame.

Many weightlifters find that as they lose fat elsewhere in their body, they also lose breast tissue. As a result, they seek out implants to look more feminine along with their chiseled arms and rock hard abs. A well-done breast augmentation should complement the figure you have worked so hard to achieve. They should also never get in the way of the perfect clean and jerk. Again, proportionality and comfort will rule the decision for implant size for weightlifters.

Try Them On for Size

This comes as news to many women, but it is possible to “try on” different implant options. During your consultation, you and your surgeon will discuss your implant options – round or anatomically shaped, textured or smooth surfaces, silicone or saline filling, and low, moderate or high profiles. All of the choices may seem overwhelming, but your surgeon will recommend the implant that is right for your body, lifestyle, and existing breast tissue.

Once these important decisions have been made, it is time to try on different sized implants to get an idea of what your final results will look like. Dress accordingly so you can see how your implants will look in your existing clothes and feel free to bring a friend or seek out the opinions of qualified doctors and nurses as to how different sizes look. After seeing different sizes on your body, you may be surprised to discover you want a different sized implant than you originally thought.

View Before and After Photos

Before you select a surgeon, you should look at before and after photos to get an idea of realistic results. Plastic surgeons are always happy to give you a chance to browse their “brag books” of happy clients, but truly great plastic surgeons will take the time to show you before and after photos that are representative of your case. This process will also help you decide if the surgeon you have consulted with is right for you. If you like their work, if you are comfortable in their office, and if they have answered your questions to your satisfaction, they will likely provide you with the results you are seeking and the experience you desire. If you like their work but are uncomfortable with their bedside manner, it is important to seek out a surgeon that can provide you with both great results and positive experience.

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Choosing breast augmentation surgery is a big decision, one fraught with considerations that are not as simple as saying, “I want to be a full C-cup.” While details such as the type of implant, date of surgery, and recovery time are decisions that can be largely dictated by your surgeon, your breast size is a matter of personal consideration and consultation with a professional. Take the time to think about your current exercise routine and breast size and take advantage of the chance to try on different breast sizes. You might be surprised to find that what you thought you wanted and what you really want are two different things.

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