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Top 6 Facial Enhancement Treatments of Today

We hope it’s been a good year for you so far because it’s been a great year for Facial Enhancement and Liquid Facelifts at Belcara Health. Here six treatments about which we’re really excited:

1. MicroNeedling

If you’re having trouble getting in to see our MicroNeedling specialist, it’s probably because of the popularity and effectiveness of her treatments. MicroNeedling has exploded this year, and that’s because the results are incredible. More and more, our medical team is incorporating MicroNeedling into their comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation. Combined with treatments like facials, laser treatments, and chemical peels, MicroNeedling is taking our patients complexions to a whole new level of gorgeous.

microneedling before after

Before and After of an Actual Belcara Health Patient (MicroNeedling)

2. New Injectables = More Options

The use of dermal fillers and neurotoxins (Botox) continues to increase as people recognize their anti-aging benefits. Although Botox hasn’t changed a great deal, the demand for it continues to grow. What is new Allergan’s new dermal fillers: Voluma – a long-term volume enhancer, and Volbella – for fine lines around the lips and other features. These fillers have been great additions to our facial enhancement services – loved by our aestheticians, physicians, and patients!

3. Selfies Increasing Demand for Facial Procedures

Interest in non-surgical approaches for facial enhancements have increased exponentially, but so has interest in the more traditional surgical procedures, such as Facial Contouring, Neck Contouring, and Eyelid Enhancement. Because we’re all taking selfies now, we’re more and more aware of how we look. We anticipate that the demand for facial enhancement procedures will only increase in the years to come.

eyelift before after

Before and After of an Actual Belcara Health Patient (Eyelift)

4. Injectables to add Volume

When we address facial aging, some degree of facial contouring surgery is usually the most practical solution. The goal of this procedure is to restore the look of a younger-looking face by putting things back to where they were before time and gravity got a hold of them. This mainly entails re-positioning facial tissues and restoring volume as needed. In most people, there is not only a movement of fat over time but an overall loss of fat as well. The answer is to replace some of this fat during the facial contouring procedure, to both lift and fill the face, with dermal fillers or your natural fat (via a fat transfer procedure). Our plastic surgeons would be happy to review your options with you in person so schedule some time for a consultation soon.

5. We can finally save your neck!

There has been a lot of recent attention paid to the neck with the emergence of a number of non-invasive treatments for neck refinement, including:

  • CoolMini, a new CoolSculpting applicator designed to reduce double-chin fat using CoolScuplting technology,
  • Kybella, an injectable that dissolves double-chin fat,
  • and a package of 3 Skin Medica products that, when combined, will restore a smooth, toned and tight neck.

No longer will you have to feel bad about your neck (Nora Ephron would be so pleased).

kybella neck refinement before after

Before and After of an Actual Belcara Health Patient (Kybella)

6. Skincare Products are getting better and better

Today’s cutting-edge skincare products combine high-quality ingredients for cleansing, lifting, hydrating and exfoliating. Our Skincare Specialists are bursting with excitement over the skincare lines we carry at Belcara Health and can’t wait to help you select the right products for you.

All of us feel fortunate to be able to use these fantastic solutions for facial enhancements to help our patients look and feel amazing. Schedule your consultation to learn if any of them are right for you!

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