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What You Need to Know About Preparing for Surgery

You’ve done your research, attended consultations, and booked your surgery. Now what? There are lots of things you can do in advance of your procedure in order to make your recovery as easy and comfortable as possible. When you choose a plastic surgeon from Baltimore’s Belcara Health, you’ll get plenty of guidance to help you plan your procedure. It’s essential that you carefully follow all pre and post-op instructions your surgeon gives you. Beginning at least 1 week before surgery, we recommend the following:

  • Feather your nest. After your surgery—whether it’s a facelift, a breast augmentation, or something else—you’ll be staying close to home for a few days. It’s important to make it comfortable and well-equipped. Make sure you’ve got the essentials (like toilet paper) stocked up. Ensure you’ve got plenty of pillows on your bed or couch, and make your area a warm, welcoming sanctuary where you can rest undisturbed. We also recommend having plenty of entertainment on hand—your favorite books and magazines, Netflix, games, and other “couch-friendly” activities. Although it’s important to get up and stretch your legs several times daily, you’ll be spending a lot of time relaxing.
  • Enlist the troops. You’ll need a helping hand or 2 after your surgery, beginning with the day of your procedure. An adult you trust will need to drive you to and from your procedure, since you’ll be too groggy to safely do it yourself. Once home, you’ll need help with many of your regular obligations. Depending on the procedure you had, whether a tummy tuck or breast augmentation here in Baltimore, you may need to limit the way you move. If your recuperation prohibits you from bending, stretching, or lifting, you’ll need someone else to do those things for you. If you have a small child at home or a pet to take care of, you’ll also need someone to look after them for at least a few days.
  • Nourish yourself. In the hours following your surgery, residual anesthesia may reduce your appetite. However, it’s important to get some nourishing calories where you can. It’s a good idea to have plenty of healthy snacks close at hand, such as yogurt, soup, or supplies for smoothies. Be prepared for the return of your appetite with pre-made meals (dishes you can cook in advance and freeze are great options) or a few days of meal delivery.
  • Feel better, sooner. Most surgical procedures require prescription antibiotics and pain medication. One easy, and often overlooked, step you can take to feel better quickly is to fill your prescriptions before your surgery. Having them ready and waiting for you at home gives you one less thing to worry about while you’re recuperating, so you can focus on healing.

At Belcara Health, we want you to feel fully prepared for every step of your experience with us. Keep in mind that these are only guidelines for caring for yourself after surgery. Prior to your own procedure, we’ll provide you with lots of information and instructions to ensure a comfortable and healthy recovery.

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