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Proper Nutrition for Successful Facial Contouring

Did you know that you’re eating habits before and after a facial contouring procedure can drastically affect your results? Because creating a healthy lifestyle is key, we offer Nutrition Counseling to help you make the right choices to optimize your results and lead a healthy, happy, vibrant life.

With a facial enhancement procedure, it is important to nourish and fuel your body properly to promote successful results. For most patients, we recommend maintaining a well-balanced diet with high fiber foods and the proper amount of protein. Eating enough protein is key in helping you heal, and keeping sugars to a minimum is also important to prevent inflammation and reduce your risk of infection. If you notice that you are filling up quicker than usual, always attempt to eat your protein foods first. Antioxidants also help improve the healing process, so getting enough fruits and vegetables are also recommended.

Overall, proper nutrition will reduce recovery time, enhance results, maintain a healthy weight, prolong your life, and help you feel and look your best.

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Top 5 Major Facial Benefits from Eating Healthy

  1. Reduces the risk of infection by hastening the healing process.
  2. Reduces inflammation, swelling and scar tissue
  3. Balanced weight management
  4. Increased energy and motivation to continue to eat healthy after surgery
  5. Improve your overall health and appearance, including skin, hair, nails, etc.

This is the perfect time to define your new “norm” after the surgery and to continue with a healthy, yet simple nutrition plan that you can continue to follow.

If you need some guidance with your current nutrition regimen, don’t hesitate to ask about scheduling an appointment with Annemarie Joerres, our on-site Registered Dietitian to help you with a healthy lifestyle nutrition plan that works for you.

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