Men Have Faces Too! Our Skincare Services for Men

Who says women should get all the pampering? We offer skin rejuvenation for men—treatments and products designed specifically for male skin—because guys need to address issues such as sun damage and the aging process too. If you have a healthy relaxed glow from outdoor activities such as beach volleyball, biking, or even just waxing the car, now’s the time to maintain your skin as summer slides into autumn.

Through a personal consultation with our Aesthetic Coordinator, you’ll be advised on the many facial treatments for men in Baltimore. These treatments target any area of concern—and they are just as supportive of your skin’s health and appearance as are regular exercise and proper nutrition. A recent article and dramatic photo in the New England Journal of Medicine stresses the importance of protecting your skin. If regular skin care hasn’t been your routine, we can suggest good habits for in the future that can prevent the kind of damage referenced in the article.

  • Executive Facial Treatment. Ever had a high-end spa shave with all the little personal touches? We replicate that experience with this service. With a complete cleansing, steam, exfoliation, and extractions, the Executive Facial Treatment readies your face for a custom-blended masque. Gentle attention is given to delicate areas, and the mask is followed up with a deeply penetrating and moisturizing facial massage. Your skin is left feeling replenished and looking its best.
  • Gentleman’s Facial. Anti-aging methods used in the Gentlemen’s Facial include both a skin-smoothing microdermabrasion peel and a custom facial. The microdermabrasion treatment stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, nourishing tissues and encouraging your skin’s natural ability to oxygenate. Skin tone evens out, your face looks softer and more youthful, and fine lines are minimized. Results are gratifyingly quick, even after just one treatment.
  • Peels and Masques. Beyond facial treatment, the neck, chest, hands, back, arms, and legs may need attention too. An Obagi Blue Peel helps smooth skin, minimizes wrinkles, and shrinks pores—all during a lunch break. You’re on your way in no time! The 30-minute Fire and Ice facial includes an intensive resurfacing peel followed by a cool, rejuvenating masque. Skin is quickly resurfaced, fine lines and wrinkles softened.
  • Laser Treatments. Looking for additional therapies that rejuvenate skin beyond the face? The Titan laser’s infrared procedure firms the skin and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles on face, arms—even the abdomen. Drs. Cohen and Roberton, both board-certified plastic surgeons, oversee and approve any advanced treatment services you may be interested in, such as laser therapy or injectables.
  • Skin Care Products. We carry two lines of products designed for male skin, which is thicker and oilier than female skin and has its own unique requirements. Daily shaving also creates specific issues that can be addressed by an at-home skin regimen. Products from the Babor and Menscience lines are used in our facials, and we offer a number of their related items, ranging from shaving products to anti-aging lotions. Billy Jelousy products are also available; we sell a collection of their offerings in a neat cool box, including a face and body scrub, a mask, an after-shave hydrator, and a rich lip balm with sun protection.

Belcara Health offers a wide array of treatments and products for male skin to help you stay cool, calm, and collected…a perfect end to summer. In our next blog, we’ll discuss surgical procedures for men. Stay tuned!

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