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Changing our Body – Empowering our Thoughts

a seminar with Dr. Gary Vela

Saturday, October 15,  12-4PM , Martins West: 6817 Dogwood Rd, Baltimore, MD 21244

RSVP  410.296.0414  or  martha@belcarahealth.com

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One Response to Welcome Dr. Gary A. Vela!

  • Marie Henry says:

    I met Dr. Vela after researching plastic surgeons in Florida and NYC.
    I then decided to renew my search closer to home and saw 2 other plastic surgeons. I found Prestige (former practice) and after carefully disecting his credentials he is a NY trained board certified general and plastic surgeon), I decided to see Dr. Vela since his office was around the corner from my home. I met him and knew instantly he was THE man to remove the ravages that childbearing had inflicted on my body. There was no presure. He explained the procedure and what to expect. I had my tummy tuck 3 days after meeting him. It’s been almost 2 years and I’m happier with my body than I’ve ever been. I’m a 50 year old with the body of a 35 year old…
    Dr. Vela is also a family man and very personable. His bedside manber is unmatched. He is the only plastic surgeon for me.

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