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Lasting Beauty with Cosmetic Tattoo Makeup

Natural cosmetic tattoo make-up is a great solution for women who are tired of applying make-up, who have make-up allergies, or who wish to look well groomed at all times. Because it’s an actual tattoo, the effects won’t smudge while you’re sleeping, exercising or swimming.

Cosmetic Tattoo Makeup is perfect for:

  • Enhancing eyebrows,
  • Accentuating eyes,
  • Defining lips,
  • Disguising a facial or body scar,
  • Simulating a natural nipple-areola complex after breast reconstruction.

Cosmetic tattoo makeup is achieved by embedding pigment beneath the skin to add lasting color. The pigments used for cosmetic tattoo makeup are available in a wide variety of colors and can be mixed to match, highlight or complement your skin tone or hair color. At Belcara Health, we only use organic, safe, FDA-approved pigment and all of our technicians are licensed and experienced.

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