Comprehensive Skin Cancer Exam

Although skin cancer can be deadly, it’s also often curable when caught early. At Belcara Health, our dermatology team in Baltimore performs full-body skin exams on men and women to detect and remove suspicious moles and lesions before they become dangerous.

What Is a Full-Body Skin Exam?

A full body skin exam is a thorough evaluation of the skin, from the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet, to detect suspicious marks or moles. We highly recommend annual full-body skin exams for all people over the age of 18.

How Is a Skin Exam Performed?

During the exam, our board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Ciro Martins, or our dermatology physician assistant, Carolyn Harvey, will thoroughly examine your skin. This includes your scalp, genitals, and even between your toes. Being thorough ensures we don’t miss any moles or marks that might be cancerous or precancerous. We’ll also review your family and medical history, including any incidences of skin cancer. We’ll discuss the medications you’re taking as well as your lifestyle, especially activities that take you outside or to the tanning salon.

A full-body exam typically takes about 15 minutes to complete. If there are any marks or moles that appear suspicious, they can be removed and sent to a lab for biopsy to determine if they require further treatment. Most full-body exams are routine and do not require any additional investigations.

Mole Mapping

We highly recommend our mole mapping program to all patients. Mole mapping is a photographic documentation of your body’s entire surface using a high-resolution camera. This provides a baseline set of images that shows each mole on your skin. This allows us to accurately monitor each lesion’s location, size, and appearance. The images are saved to your electronic medical records (EMR), so we’ll refer to them each time you come back for a skin check. You can have access to them as an album of printed, large-sized photos or on a disc.

Our Practitioners who Specialize in Skin Exams

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Dr. Ciro R. Martins

Board-Certified Dermatologist

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Caroline K. Harvey, MPAS, P.A.-C.

Dermatology Physician Assistant

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